Ukraine to hold talks on EU sanctions

Negotiations on the Sixth EU package of sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine “will continue in the Assembly”, So “no news at the moment”. Also, in the absence of decisive progress over the weekend, the ball will be sent to foreign ministers who will meet in Brussels next Monday on a long-planned council. The gradual ban on oil imports is still blocked by Hungary, which is asking for compensation and extensions.

Discussions are now taking place at the level of leaders and capitals, to explain the diplomatic sources in Brussels so that Gorber does not address the issue today. The Council of Foreign Affairs will meet next Monday, and in the absence of progress over the weekend, the embattled suite will descend on the table of ministers, who will try to untie the knots.

“Work continues – Joseph Borrell, High Representative in Weissenhaus, Germany, on the sidelines of the G7 Ministerial Meeting – Foreign Council will speak on Monday: I will give a new political impetus to a deal. I firmly believe we will have it. We need to free ourselves from oil dependence. “

“We need to understand – Borrell will continue – the specific circumstances of each country. If there is no agreement at the diplomatic level, the ministers should give a political impetus on Monday and I will take care of it.”

Even a senior EU official, ahead of the meeting, is optimistic: “It will end with unity and positivity. Each member state will reflect its core concerns,” which will be recognized at the end of the talks. There will be an agreement and unity between the 27, he promises.

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Hungary, however, continues to block the Sixth Amendment, which some observers believe, preventing it from promoting the Seventh Amendment, which bans gas imports from Russia, and lifting the embargo from the Commission. Hungarian Pnrr, suspended from May 2021 or receiving equivalent cash compensation.

To the extent that alternative hypotheses emerge. First, leaving Hungary alone and accepting national sanctions on the 26th has certainly been ruled out by another EU official: “The alliance of the willing is not an opinion” which has EU citizenship but belongs to “other entities”, he says. Instead, the two countries have proposed to ‘open’ the package: that is, in the meantime, non-controversial sanctions are being accepted (extension of the list of sanctions, Swift of Sberbank and other banks, sanctions by three Russian providers and some sectoral measures) and then we continue to deal with oil.

A diplomatic source said that at the moment this is an option that is not on the table. But another source agrees that this is a possibility, even if it is a last resort. “We will seek as much unity as possible – he says – talks are going on every day and I do not know where they will lead. Of course, it is always possible to unravel. Or take a little more time. The package is all together.”

Moreover, this is the basic justification heard in Brussels, after all, the ban on crude oil will take effect in six months and will only take effect on refined products at the end of the year. So, apart from the reasons for the film (these are none other than the second: the set is now banned for ten days), it forces the ban to be recognized immediately. The effective date does not move forward.

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