Ukraine, US attack on Russia again. Blinken: “They are ready to launch pseudo-chemical attacks to invade”

The expansion announced by has been reduced Vladimir Putin does not You already have too many tracks. If Kremlin Announced the withdrawal of part of its army from the border with Ukraine, which was denied by the enemy. Russian-backed separatist republics The Bombing They are today starting weeks ago Struck a refuge Nearby Lugansk And A high school In the village of Vuprivka. The rebels condemned the military action Kiev, Which denies. But the war between Russia And WestEspecially United States And EnglandAnd more Media and Diplomatic FrontWith US Secretary of State Anthony BlingenWithout providing any evidence, however, “Russia can To detect terrorist attacksPlatform attacks Drones against civiliansAn attack Chemical weaponsReveal False mass graves To launch an attack “.

Blast in the east – Before the heat, this time, in the separatist republics of Donetsk and Lukansk, 14 thousand people died in the scene of the 2014 conflict. OSCE, “Episodes Many explosions With the line of contact in eastern Ukraine “. The Separatists backed by Moscow Activists in the region have blamedUkraine There have been four shootings in the last 24 hours. However, the Kiev version denies: “Despite our conditions being attacked Weapons are prohibitedUkrainian troops, including 122 mm artillery, did not fire in response, “said a spokesman.Operation Add Forces To Ukraine Reuters. And they added: separatist forces opened fire Motor bombs Against a village in the region Lugansk A beating Refuge“.

The other lead – Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, He said for his part, “We read reports coming from across the border. Of course, considering the data from specialized sources, our military has more information. But it goes without saying even without such information Tensions are rising. Over the past few days, we have heard that Russia maintains enormous offensive capability on the border. But what we are talking about is our territory. Meanwhile, no Western representative mentioned the enormous offensive capability of the Ukrainian military in the line of contact.

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There Cnn Aired some satellite images of the border areas in between Belarus And Ukraine: Construction of new roads and a bridge, according to an American broadcaster Prebiot River It bathes both countries and is located less than 7 km from the Ukrainian border. Sources in American television have defined the bridge as being used to strengthen Russian military forces during an event.Invasion. The construction of the bridge is being monitored by Western intelligence and the military, but it is not yet clear whether Russian forces or their Belarusian allies are building it. The Ukrainian National Guard urged citizens to keep their nerves with a message on Twitter saying “Keep calm and trust the National Guard”. Meanwhile, the Russian military says ten military convoys have left with “large, heavy and dangerous loads”. Crimea. The Russian news agency reported InterfoxAccordingly the convoy completed their training exercises.

Overall, it is estimated to be even higher 150 thousand Players The Russians were positioned in the north, east and south of Ukraine: “We continue to receive indications that Russia will at any moment find a false pretext to justify an invasion. Any sign we have now is that they only openly agree to talk and claim about the expansion, in fact they are personally mobilizing for war. However, Russian military officials have announced that new units of the Western Military District are leaving an area near the border with Ukraine, and although they have not specified their target, they will travel about a thousand kilometers.

Twenty warships left the port, according to Russian officials மகச்சலா And began maneuvers Caspian Sea: “Caspian Plotilla’s crew must carry out targeted combat training missions in harsh environmental conditions and act on various signs coming from a naval command post”.

Diplomatic and media conflict – Belarusian president raises tensions Alexander LukashenkoA close ally of Putin who said he was ready Conduct “nuclear weapons” in the event of a Western threat. Prime Minister, Mario TracyInstead, he later issued his announcement, saying “there are currently no episodes of land expansion reduction.” Upcoming trip to Moscow With the aim of “putting Putin and Zhelensky at the same table.” Meanwhile, the US Deputy High Commissioner to Moscow, Bart GormanHas been He was expelled from Russia.

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Those who continue to make accusations against Kramlinov are instead two countries in particular: the United States and Great Britain. Management today பிடன் Reiterated Russia’s announcement Withdrawal of troops from Ukraine False: An official responded to questions from reporters yesterday by saying that the Russian government was withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border. There are no signs of exclusion From Moscow. He added that Russia had recently increased its presence on the Ukrainian border 7 thousand Players. But the biggest reports came first from the president, according to which Russia is preparing for “the risk of a Russian attack in Ukraine is very high, it could happen in the next few days”. A “false flag” function, Then through the mouth of his Secretary of State Blingen. After the US diplomat said, “It’s not about starting a war, it’s about avoiding it,” he launched an unprovoked attack on the Russian Federation, which could detect terrorist attacks, carry out drone strikes on civilians, launch chemical weapons attacks, expose pseudo-mass gatherings and counterfeit flag operations. He can dramatically call and then launch an attack.The targets have already been identified and mapped out, a dangerous time for the lives and safety of millions of people, as well as the establishment of an international order based on the United Nations Charter and the rules governing stability around the world. Were created to prevent.

The meeting between the Minister of External Affairs also took place today. Luigi de MayoWith its counterpart, Sergei LavrovIn it, the head of Fornesina acknowledged the Russian side’s “willingness to resolve the crisis following a diplomatic path,” one of which was conveyed to him by a minister in Kiev on Tuesday. Guleba“And he continued:” Everyone must work together for a diplomatic solution Avoid all kinds of obstaclesIn the latter issue, Lavrov noted, “Sanctions cannot be imposed if at least one country is against it. I do not think Italy is interested in provoking tensions, we see “really” a continuation of its diplomatic tradition of “not threatening, not promising punishment, but seeking solutions”. But he noted that, as Putin has already said in recent days, “it is important not to remove certain things from the package. There is no expansion east of NATO And not sent east ”. Statements from a distance from the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky: One of the members of NATO “Security Guarantee” He said Ukraine did not want to compromise BBC. “It simply came to our notice then. We lost 15,000 people. It is not an ambition, it is our life, the future of the people. Talking about Was born, EU, In the temporarily occupied territories, we are talking about our independence. This is what we want and will do for our future, ”he added before announcing today We will send a reply letter to the United States, Will be made public because we believe people need to have an accurate idea of ​​what is going on. Italy, de Mayo continued, encourages the implementation of “all parties” Minsk Agreements, For security aspects and in political clauses. “We want to support ongoing negotiations in both the Normandy format, the NATO-Russia format and the US-Russia format,” he added.

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