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Dozens of GB reporters on the Moscow blacklist

Moscow blocks doors for 49 British citizens: security guards and journalists from the BBC, the Financial Times, the Guardian, Sky News and other media outlets. They can no longer enter Russia because their names appear on the blacklist or “suspended list”. The Foreign Ministry accuses them of “deliberately spreading false and unilateral information about the events in Russia and Ukraine and the Donbass” and contributing to Rusophobia in British society. In a statement, the Guardian reported that security figures in the Russian media and on his “stoplist” were issued following sanctions imposed by the British government on “anti-Russian activities” and “our country’s top journalists and heads of national security agencies.” Last March London effectively revoked RT (Russia Today)’s broadcasting license, saying it could not comply with the fair rules on British broadcasting codes due to its relationship with the Russian government. British signatures affected by the entry ban include commentators such as Gideon Rachmann of the Financial Times, or Cocklin of the Daily Telegraph, or Mark Calioti, an academic and expert in Russian studies. Her Majesty has a dozen commanders in the Navy and Air Force and some top managers in the defense department.

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