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Images of destruction: Russian ambassador to GB on ‘discoveries’

“This is an invention. Used to thwart negotiations.” Thus, the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom Andrei Kelin responded to photos and videos shown during an interview with the BBC, in which a Russian soldier can be seen shooting a citizen. These range from images captured by CCTV cameras or photos of Pucha before and after the invasion of Russian forces, to stills showing the Mariupol disaster. During the interview, the BBC journalist pressed him and asked him to comment on the documents verified by the British broadcaster, and asked if these actions could be defined as war crimes. Kelin, stubbornly, wonders about the origin of the films and their interpretation: for example, in Mariupol, he acknowledges documented destruction, but confirms that it was the result of war. “Military infrastructure is in the eyes of the Russians,” he insists, acknowledging that “possible parallel damage.” Meanwhile, the ambassador says he does not believe Moscow will use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, which under Russian military rules are not used in these types of conflicts.

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