Ukraine, Zhelensky: Commitment to continue dealings with Russia – last time

(ANSA) – New York, March 13 – President Volodymyr Zhelensky pledges to continue talks with Russia, and in a new video states that the Ukrainian delegation to the talks will do its best to secure a meeting with Vladimir. Putin. Zhelensky has been asking for a meeting with his Russian envoy for some time, but so far the Kremlin has not listened to his request.

Zhelensky called on his US envoy, Joe Biden, to increase pressure on Russia and impose further sanctions on Moscow, targeting only the Kremlin and Duma elites. The Washington Post reports that some sources are familiar with the contents of the telephone conversation between Biden and Zelensky last Friday.

The Ukrainian president also returns to warn NATO: before a Russian missile lands in the territory of the Atlantic Alliance, it is “a matter of time” without a fly-zone.


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