Ukraine: “Zhelensky wants Italy among security guarantors”. Kremlin: “Fidel’s views on Putin are dangerous” – World

President Volodymyr Zhelensky says he is ready to accept Ukraine’s neutral position as part of a peace deal ahead of new talks between Kiev and Moscow in Istanbul tomorrow (starting at 10 a.m. local time, 9 a.m. Italian time). With Russia. The bloody battle continues on the field. The besieged Mariupol is in its final stages, but for public safety reasons there will be no humanitarian corridor in Ukraine today.

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“Zhelensky: Ukraine is ready to neutralize on the” speaker “.

Some of the mayors abducted by Russian forces were found dead. In an interview with The Economist, President Zhelensky said. “They are kidnapping the mayors of our cities. They have killed some of them. We have not been able to find some of them. We have already found some, they are dead,” the Ukrainian president said. In recent days, the Ukrainian media have claimed that at least 14 mayors have been abducted.

Zhelensky lashes out at the West: ‘You have no courage’

ZELENSKY loves Italy among the guarantors – “Our President has initiated the U24 initiative of the United Nations for Peace, to create a group of countries capable of responding within 24 hours in the event of an occupation. , Turkey and Italy too.I’m glad to see Italy on this list.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi during a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky today – Reports Palazzo Chigi -, He reiterated the strong support of the Italian government for the Ukrainian authorities and people. Contribute to international action to end the war and promote a lasting solution to the crisis in Ukraine. And Zhelensky, after a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, took to Twitter to thank Italy for its “willingness to create a framework for security guarantees in favor of Ukraine.”. Zhelensky thanked Troki for the humanitarian assistance and protection our country has provided to the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine, 32nd day of the war: Summary of films

Biden in Buffer – The Kremlin calls Biden’s comments about Putin “dangerous.” The US President has called the Russian President a butcher. China sees “dialogue and negotiations as the only right way to resolve the Ukrainian problem”: what all parties need to do now is to ease the situation, promote dialogue and end the war, rather than interrupting the conflict. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin.

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The storm on Biden’s push for Putin, Europe is not marked

Meanwhile, Germany is considering buying a missile defense system to protect itself from a possible Russian attack, Scholes said. “This is certainly one of the issues we are discussing, and for good reason – said the German Chancellor – we need to know a neighbor who is willing to use violence to assert their interests.”

Gas in Putin and rubles – Europe does not want to pay for ruble gas? Of course Russia will not distribute its gas for free, “We will not do charity”. This was confirmed by the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pesco, according to the TASS. Peskov did not violate the balance in Moscow’s counter-measures to the Western refusal to pay goods in rubles, demanded by the Russian administration, referring to unidentified “hostile countries”. “But we certainly will not provide gas for free, it certainly will. In our situation it is almost impossible to do charity,” Peskov added.

Moscow authorities are working to restrict the issuance of visas to Russia by citizens of countries involved in “hostile activities of certain foreign countries.” The foreign minister said Sergei Lavrov Quoted by Interfax. During a meeting with the ruling United Russia Party’s International Cooperation Commission, Lavrov said, “an order is ready.” The Foreign Minister stressed that the move would “introduce continued restrictions on entry into Russia’s borders. Although Russia has not yet fully introduced its response to Western sanctions, “energy and food prices in European countries have already risen.”The Secretary of the Russian Security Council later said, Nikolai Badrushev, Quoted by Interfax. “Many companies are reducing their operations, which is seriously complicating the socio-economic situation in the old world, in the context of increasing immigration,” he added on the sidelines of a meeting with his Algerian colleague.

War – “Our Irbin was freed from the evils of Moscow! Glory to Ukraine,” said Alexander Margushin, mayor of the city on the outskirts of Kiev in the Telegram. “The Ukrainian army is cleaning up the city and residents are being asked not to return to their homes,” according to the Ukrainian public broadcaster Supsilne.

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Nearly 5,000 people died, including 210 children, during the Russian siege of Mariupol. Says Vadim Boychenko, mayor of the port city in southern Ukraine, quoted by Ukrinform. The city of Mariupol is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe and must be completely evacuated, he said. To the mayor, about 160,000 civilians are stranded in the city without electricity and 26 buses are waiting to evacuate civilians, but Russian forces have not agreed to ensure a safe route. The siege of Mariupol continues for 28 days. Before the city’s exit routes were blocked, the mayor added, 140,000 had fled, 150,000 had been evacuated and 30,000 had been “deported” to Russian or occupied territories in eastern Ukraine. About 170,000 people are stranded in the city. During the siege, the mayor reiterated that 2,340 apartment buildings and 61,200 private buildings were damaged by the blasts. Three hospitals were destroyed and seven were damaged, as well as 57 schools and 70 kindergartens, two factories, a port and an army unit.

Kickboxing World Champion, Maxim Gogol, died in battle In Mariupol, he was part of the Azov Special Forces.

Fierce fighting in Donetsk and Lukansk regions “Because unlike other areas of operation, Russia has not stopped trying to carry out offensive operations there.” This was stated by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Modusyanik. In Marinka and other cities “there is fierce fighting: the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other security forces are successfully defending these settlements” while “other places are now under the control of the Russian military, but I can not name them”. According to a security spokesman, the capture of the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions is “one of Russia’s strategic missions: the complete capture of these two territories within administrative boundaries”.

There are the last 24 Russian troops Dropped bombs more than 200 times in the Kharkiv region Tornadoes with artillery and mortar, multiple rocket missiles and prohibited cluster munitions. This was stated by the head of the regional military administration Kharkiv Ole Sinekubov in a telegram quoted by Kyiv Independent.

According to the latest Ukrainian military action report, Russia has reportedly withdrawn troops around Kiev after suffering significant casualties. But the Russian Defense Ministry has released a video showing air force armored vehicles moving in the Kiev region. In the last 24 hours, more, there are More than 40 bombings by Russian troops in the Kiev region. This was announced by the head of the Kiev regional military administration Oleksandr Pavliuk, according to the Ukrainform report. “Bucha (Irpin, Bucha, Makariv, Borodyan, Dmytriv community), Brovarsky (Velikodimersk community), Vyshgorod (Dymersk community, Ivankiv) districts were the worst hit by the bombing,” he said. According to Pavliuk, the Cytomir Highway, Pucha-Irpin-Kostomel, Nemishev, Dimitriev community, the Mahariv community north of the Vyshkorod district, the territory of some settlements were Parishivska, Kalidianska, the community of Velikodimarskaya and much more. .

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He also left the city of Slovdia, where most of the workers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant live.

Odessa’s appeal to UNESCO “UNESCO is giving us a signal that this will be our best defense against Russian aggression.” This is the request of Odessa Mayor Gennady Truganov, who met with some international media outlets and launched this morning. Trukhanov responded to the ANSA when asked about accelerating the city’s request to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List, and confirmed that it had consulted with the Ukrainian government. “We are on the pre-list and our documents were completed 2-3 years ago. This would be a great sign from UNESCO,” the mayor explained.

Kiev investigates video of Russian competitor – The Ukrainian government has promised an “immediate investigation” Video of Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian prisonersDuring an operation in the Kharkiv region, he hit them in the knees: CNN reports.

Video of soldiers in Ukraine shooting Russian prisoners on the knees

Matterella’s appeal – “We do not see a rational impulse for this war. Intervention

Massacre of children – The number of infant deaths killed in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion has risen to 143 from 139 yesterday, and the number of injured is now 216: this was announced in a telegram by the Ukrainian parliament on human rights, Lyudmila Denisova. , According to Ukrinform.

Novaya Gazeta suspends publications – The most important independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta suspends its publications. The same newspaper published this on its website.

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