Ukraine, Zhelensky: ‘Without the exchange of Azovstalin defenders, there would be no negotiations’. Gas supply from Russia to Finland – World blocked

War in Ukraine Can only mean “Diplomats“President Volodymyr Zelensky said that while the talks between Moscow and Kiev were at a standstill, a Ukrainian television channel said,” The war will be bloody, it will be fought, but it will definitely end with diplomacy, “Zelensky said. Fell by Azovstall. After 86 days of resistance, symbolizing the fate and fantasy of war, Like Mariupol And Ukraine is no longer a concentrated bunker. “We will take them home. This is what we have to do with our partners who have accepted responsibility,” Zhelensky said. “The boys have been ordered by the military to come out and save their lives.” The Ukrainian president later explained that it would be restarted Negotiations With Russia, it depends on whether the Russians are saving the “lives of Mariupol’s bodyguards.” For now, “a lot” depends on the outcome of the prisoner transfer, which should include militants leaving the Azovostal steel plant.

In Ukraine, the last group of soldiers left the Azovstal region

The Russians “may have overestimated the number of Ukrainian guards expelled from Azovstal to increase the number of Russian prisoners of war that can be exchanged for Ukrainian soldiers, or to avoid the embarrassment of admitting where they held a month – long siege. ) Says. U.S. military experts say Russian troops have “regained some of the positions taken by the Ukrainian counter-attack north of Kharkiv.” Finally, they point out, “Russian forces are probably preparing for a major Ukrainian offensive and a protracted conflict on the southern axis.”

Finland and gas
Meanwhile, the supply of natural gas to Russia Finland The Nordic country said today that the Finnish state-owned energy company Gasum was suspended after it refused to pay rubles to supplier Gasprom. The Finnish company said in a statement that “the supply of natural gas to Finland has been stopped under the Cosmin Supply Agreement”.

The death toll from fighting in Lukansk has risen to six since yesterday. Sergei Guido, head of the Lukansk Regional Military Administration, reports in the Telegram. “Six people have been killed and fighting is raging in the suburbs of Severodonetsk,” Kaitoi said, adding that “two people died instantly in the attack on a school in Severodonetsk yesterday morning, and 3 others were hospitalized”, all “from the same family.” “Also, a man and a woman died in the evening near their home in Severodonetsk. Two women were killed by Russian bombings in Lysychansk and Privilege.”

The Russians “are carrying out offensive operations in the eastern operating zone to establish full control of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and to maintain a land route with the temporarily occupied Crimea,” said a Ukrainian Armed Forces civil servant. The latest update posted on Facebook reads, “In the future, it is expected that the group of troops in the Kharkiv direction will be strengthened by the first tank army units of the Western Army District”. “The bombing continues throughout the contact,” General Staff said, referring to the direction of Wallin and Poleski in northern Ukraine, “the situation has not generally changed significantly. There has been an increase in the security system.” . Electronic intelligence and electronic warfare in the border areas of Ukraine. “There is a threat of missile and air strikes on Ukrainian targets from the territory of Belarus.”

A bomb blast near the Ukrainian city of Lisychinsk has caused a fire in a coal mine, injuring people and injuring them, according to a UNIAN report from the Luhansk Regional Military Administration.

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“By blocking our ports, Russia is putting millions of people at risk of starvation. Ukraine, along with its allies, has created two alternative land routes to supply food exports and save Africa and other areas from famine. Russia must end the siege and allow full and free exports,” said Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro. Said in a tweet Guleba.

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