Ukrainian ambassador to the UN reads the latest messages sent to his mother by a Russian soldier: “I am scared, we are attacking civilians …” – Video

Ambassador of Ukraine, Sergiy Kyslytsya, UN. During the General Assembly, he read screen shots of a conversation in which the ambassador blamed a Russian soldier who died in Ukraine and his mother in Russia. “Mom, I’m not training in the Crimea anymore. We are in Ukraine, a real war is raging here. I’m scared. We drop bombs on all cities and we target civilians. We were told that they would welcome us, but instead would throw us under the carts to let us pass, and they would call us fascists, Mom! It is very difficult.

According to the Ukrainian ambassador, the news of the dead Russian soldier is evidence that Russia is lying not only to the Russian people but also to its own soldiers about what is happening in Ukraine, and Moscow’s claims are denied by the general public. Not targeted by Russian troops. Finally addressing the legislature Kyslytsya declared: “If Ukraine does not survive, international peace will not survive. If Ukraine does not survive, the UN should not be in any illusion, we pay a high price for world freedom and security.

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