Ukrainian horror of the uterus for rent, Biden and Putin: So, today …

– I should have written yesterday, but I forgot. The truth is that more importance should be given to the words Mario Tracy The latter was done at a CDM press conference. In fact, he said we could enter soon. “In ration logic“I mean, we can not buy and consume as much as we want, but the economy is at war. For now, citizens are suffering not only from expensive petrol and a little gas, but the dark ages are developing. Because it is the Lord. Whatever it takesIt doesn’t usually shoot nonsense

– Well it is Zhelensky He became famous and the audience was spectators. But I don’t know if it was expensive to watch his TV series where bombs fell on him and he was locked up in a bunker.

– I read the words again yesterday பிடன், He described Putin as a “pure criminal” and a “dictator” (he must have learned the rules of diplomacy from de Mayo). But what surprised me was this sentence: Russia is “waging an immoral war against the Ukrainian people”. Does this mean that there are “moral” wars?

– Newborn babies Rent the uterus They are in bunkers with “mothers”. I have to be honest: there is no war of horror here, but rich Western people have gone to poor women in search of money to rent their bodies for the nine months of life they were born into. Are we sure the pain here is the fault of the bombs? Can we finally understand why we treated these little kids as a commodity? Commodities – due to conflict – can no longer be “collected”. When talking about “civilization” we also remember that we are doing a trick: the surrogate uterus is a ruthless market in which poor women sell their uterus to rich families, all with the profits of middlemen. Calling it “pregnancy for others” is no less depressing

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– Read Luceta Scorphia’s comment on surrogacy: “Poor children who have disappeared from the uterine market in Ukraine are victims of our disability – we who live in this part of the world – to accept the sacrifice. , They fall prey to our utopian notion that we can bend our lives to their liking.

– I read the lawyer’s words International Criminal Court I also see statements by Biden and Kamala Harris about the alleged “war crimes” in Ukraine, emphasizing the bloodthirsty Tsarist dictator when it comes to Putin. That is certainly true. I definitely don’t want to justify it here. But I would like to remind fans of The Hague Court in 2019 – the Hafpost statement – “The United States has revoked the visa of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Campion Futu Benzouda, for proposing to launch an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by the US military in Afghanistan. Even The Hague has said it opposes a possible court-martial against the US military, because the United States does not recognize international tribunals.

– A lot more things happened: talk Putin, Bombs in Ukraine, phone call between Biden and Zig. But unfortunately I do not have time to talk about this, today you have to fix a small version, sorry. See you tomorrow

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