November 7, 2018 Property

University of Kent student launches healthcare monitoring app for iPhone


A student at the University of Kent has launched a mobile healthcare platform that can be used to monitor people’s health remotely, making it easier for friends, families and careers to look after loved ones.
The app, called TabCare, has been developed by Vasu Sarin, a third-year student studying at the Kent Business School in Medway. It has been made available for iPhones and works by linking to an Apple Watch that also has the TabCare app installed to receive data from the wearer.
The watch is worn by an elderly relative or patient and this sends information to the app that can be monitored by family members on their iPhone. Information such as heart rate, location and if they trigger the panic button feature on the Apple Watch app can all be sent and a notification is sent within 30 milliseconds if a heart rate problem is detected or if the user triggers the panic alarm.
The company is also working on new features to be introduced shortly. These include smart fall detection, medication management to remind and track when patients have taken their medication and automatic reports to family detailing the user’s health during the week.
The app is available now for all iPhone devices. The company intends to launch it for Android devices and other wearable devices by February 2019.
While the service is now available to the public it has already clinched a major distribution contract and been successfully trialled within the public sector. It has also grabbed the attention of investors, having been voted one of the top 10 international start-ups in London by Trans Indus Entrepreneur (TiE) in September.
Vasu Sarin said: ‘Tab Care can redefine and enhance the health care sector by providing constant monitoring, irrespective of both time and location. We are delighted to launch this to the public and we look forward to enabling families to have improved care.’
Vasu was supported in setting up and developing his business by two flagship programmes based in Kent Business School – the Business Start-Up Journey and Self-Employed Placements.
Both programmes are run through the ASPIRE (Accelerator Space for Innovation and Responsible Enterprise) which exists to help students start their own business and develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets.
The Business Start-Up Journey is a 12-week course offering both group workshops covering all aspects of business start-up and one-to-one support. The Self-Employed Placements are a new pathway in the traditional Year in Industry programme and offer students the chance to run their own business for a year while receiving support from the ASPIRE team.
‘The support from the Kent Business School on this journey has been vital to helping get the business up and running and now taking it forward for the next stage of development, Sarin added.


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