US bans two deputies from Ukraine: “They conspired with Russian services to seize control of the government”

Four Ukrainian citizens came to the conclusion Blacklist Of the United States. Allegedly worked for the Russian secret service FSB. The four suspects include two representatives in the Ukrainian parliament: Taraz Kozak and Oleg Volochchi. According to the US Treasury Department, the goal of the two delegates is to “appoint former and current heads of government and prepare to take control of the Ukrainian government and control the country’s infrastructure with the Russian occupation forces.” Kozak and Volochin never hid their orientation, and are both part of the pro-Russian Ukrainian Choice Party, led by Victor Medvetsuk. The other two approved by the United States are Volodymyr Olinik and Vladimir Sivkovich. Olinic is a Ukrainian official who is now in Russia. According to the United States, he worked at the FSB with the aim of gathering information about Ukraine’s vital infrastructure. Shivkovich, on the other hand, is a former deputy secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. British newspaper Defender He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Volochi also accused the United States of allowing his son to conduct an investigation into his activities Joe Biden In Ukraine.

Pitton’s words

Yesterday Biden spoke about the danger of Russia’s “small infiltration” into Ukraine. In his words, one read the intent not to interfere in this event. The US president later explained that the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine would be considered an invasion. It was on this issue Espresso Even the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky: We would like to remind the major powers that there are no small incursions and no small nations. There are no small victims, no small loss of loved ones. ”

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