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Minute by minute news of the war on Tuesday, March 15: Missile rain in residential areas of Kiev at night. New round of talks today, Zhelensky: Tough talks. US, China, tension: Pentagon sources reveal that Beijing will open up to the hypothesis of military support for Moscow

சுற்று Fifth round of talks between Russia and Ukraine: Talks will resume at 10.30 am Kiev time. Assume that Kiev is ready to offer great deals On key points of negotiation.
According to the Financial Times Russia would have asked China Military assistance and money to support the invasion. Beijing opens up arms supply to Muse Yet the newspaper reports.
French President Emmanuel Macron will recall Russian President Vladimir Putin in the next few hours: Macron announced it on television.
Russia has ordered a ban on exports of white and green sugar until August 31 and wheat, rye, barley and corn until June 30.

6.40 am – Shanghai Stock Exchange falls sharply for Kovit and Ukraine
The Shanghai Stock Exchange opens abruptly. Aside from the fact that the Central Bank of China is already in trouble, it is the result of a sharp increase in corona virus cases that have undermined the prospects for the world’s second largest economy. The crisis in Ukraine also continued to weigh on market sentiment and renewed concerns. The CSI300 index was down 1.8% at the end of the morning session, while the Shanghai Composite Index was down 2.2%. On the other hand, the Hong Cheng index lost 3%.

6.35am – China rejects US: No request for arms from Russia
China has denied claims by US officials that Russia has sought military assistance (drones and missiles) against Ukraine. The same Beijing ambassadors have accused Washington of spreading malicious misinformation that could increase the risk of conflict. The misinformation was retaliated against by the Chinese embassy in London. Beijing reiterates that it plays a constructive role in promoting peace talks, the embassy added. Then: the priority now is to work towards a diplomatic agreement rather than make the situation worse.

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4.47 am – Missile rain on Kiev
The bomber struck shortly after 5pm (local time) in the center of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The news spread on social media. At least three blasts occurred in the residential area. According to unconfirmed sources, these are ballistic missiles. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a 10-storey apartment building in Kiev. Numerous apartment buildings are on fire. The building was severely damaged. The front yard of the building is littered with debris – especially torn glass and windows.

3.11am – Anti-aircraft sirens in Kiev
Sirens sound again in Kiev to announce flight alert. What is the Ukrainian Armed Forces report, which calls on all citizens to urgently reach the civil defense camps.

2.32 am – Unhcr: $ 200 million raised to help Ukrainian refugees
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has raised $ 200 million (182 million euros) in two weeks for operations during the Ukrainian crisis. Donations were made by organizations, foundations and philanthropists. According to the UNHCR, this is a record amount for the international media. I would like to thank organizations, foundations and philanthropists around the world for their kindness and generosity in helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Millions of them need help. As the crisis deepens, I urge the private sector to continue to support it, said High Commissioner Filippo Grandi. The UNHCR estimates that the number of people fleeing Ukraine under Russian aggression has exceeded 2.8 million since the end of February.

2.30 pm – Th NYT: Russia uses missiles to generate radio signals that confuse Ukrainian radars
Russia uses a mysterious ammunition in Ukraine: its Iskander-M short-range ballistic missiles release deception devices, a kind of bait, capable of confusing air defense systems and radars. Reports about New York Times Citing intelligence sources, the missiles emit their triggers when alerted by air defense systems. Gravities are capable of generating electrical and radio signals that confuse enemy radars, as well as heat sources that attract incoming missiles. The use of diversions will help explain why Ukrainian systems are having difficulty intercepting Russian Iskander missiles.

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1.54 – Zhelensky: Thanks to the woman who broke the Russian news
President Zhelensky thanked the pacifist who disrupted the main news program of the Russian television channel Pervy Kanal, displaying the banner against the conflict in Ukraine. I am grateful to the Russians who did not give up trying to tell the truth and did not stop telling things to their friends and relatives, and I am especially grateful to this woman who entered the First Channel TV studio against war. Banner., Said Zhelensky. Marina Ovsyanikova, an employee of the main Russian television network, stood behind the news editor and showed a banner that read: No War. Stop the war. Do not believe the propaganda, they are lying here
. Then, the Ukrainian president continued: In 19 days the Russian army had more soldiers dead than in the two bloody wars in Chechnya.

1.04 am – From China to the United States: Do not spread misinformation
China has warned the United States not to spread false information that could distort or insult China’s position on the Ukraine crisis. Warning, agency reports XinhuaYang Jiechi, director of the Foreign Commission of the Communist Party of China, arrived the next day during a meeting with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in Rome, without specifying the exact date. The media reported that Russia had sought military assistance from China for the invasion of Ukraine
. Sullivan himself, before the meeting, and at the end of the talks, warned Beijing not to support Moscow, threatening the implications for Beijing from such action. China still demands maximum control over dealing with the crisis in Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of protecting civilians and preventing a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

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00.58 – Biden: Let’s make sure Ukraine has weapons to defend against Russia
We will ensure that Ukraine has the weapons to defend itself against the Russian invasion. We will send money, food and aid to save Ukrainian lives. We welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms. So US President Joe Biden on Twitter.

00.40 – US-China: Yang du Sullivan, managing differences and no conflicts Following a meeting between Yang Jiechi, director of the Foreign Commission of the Communist Party of China in Rome, and US National Security Adviser Jake, China called on the United States to manage differences and avoid conflicts in the light of the current international situation. Sullivan. China and the United States have reached a consensus on improving mutual understanding, managing differences, expanding consensus and strengthening cooperation, the state broadcaster said in a statement. China Central Television . In the current international context, the மறைகாணி Without directly mentioning the war in Ukraine, it was handled in discussions between two senior officials in Beijing and Washington that China and the United States should strengthen cooperation, properly manage differences and avoid conflicts and conflicts. In line with the expectations of the international community.

00.34 – Zhelensky: Talks with Russia will continue on Tuesday
Ukrainian President Zhelensky said talks with Russia would continue on Tuesday. Zhelensky said he had spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett as part of a concerted effort to end the war with Russia in a just manner. Our delegation also worked on this in talks with Russian diplomats, the Ukrainian president added in his nightly video speech. Very good as I said. But let’s see.

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