Uza, Bolton: “We helped to plot”. US intervention in international crises, from Afghanistan to Iraq

that January 6, 2020 to do Capitol Hill, “This is not a carefully planned plot.” He confirmed it John BoltonFormer National Security Adviser Donald Trump and former US ambassador to the UN George W. BushDuring an interview Cnn. Speaking about Trump’s involvement in the attack on the US Parliament, Bolton added: “As a person who helped with the coups, I can say that it needs a lot of work, not here, but in other places, and this is not the case.”. So, Bolton agrees White House Actively participated in the creation Coup d’état in various international situations. But where exactly? CNN journalist Jake Tapper’s question comes at the perfect time, and Bolton’s response is “I won’t go into details”. The former adviser spoke and the only case in which he spoke about US intervention was against the coup attempt. Nicolás Maduro In May 2020, a sort of “Frankelion army” of 8 men attempted to reach the Venezuelan coast. Objective: To reach the capital, Caracas, and escort the President from the Presidential Palace with air support from US forces and local rebels. Members of a private security company traveling in a small boat were immediately intercepted by Maduro’s military. A still unclear dynamic and Bolton’s statements yesterday help fuel this uncertainty. For example, while it is true that planning a coup requires time and adequate planning, the attempted coup in Venezuela, according to Washington’s admission by Trump’s former national security adviser, was not considered a good outcome. Organized plan. A few, poorly trained and poorly armed men attempted to land a blow that seemed impossible from the start. “It turned out to be a failure.” – Bolton said – We don’t have to do much about this, but I saw what it took for the opposition to overthrow an illegally elected president, and they failed.”

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The revelation comes a day after a hearing by a former US representative to the UN US Commission of Inquiry Investigating the Capitol Hill attack. According to the indictment, Donald Trump allegedly incited the violence in a desperate bid to stay in power after losing the 2020 election to rival Joe Biden. Bolton’s reports spread around the world and it wasn’t long before the reactions of the presidents came. Washington’s intervention in various international crises has been heavily criticized. In 1953, he played a role in overthrowing the then Chief Minister Iranian nationalist minister Mohammad Mossadeghat War in VietnamUntil the invasion Iraq And Afghanistan. Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova He called for an international investigation, saying it was “important to know in which countries the United States is planning coups.” Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry said, “It’s not surprising,” commenting on the former Trump loyalist’s statements. A practice by the US government”. Bolivia’s former president, Evo Morales, who was kicked out of the military in 2019 over apparent election charges, tweeted that Bolton’s words showed the US to be “the worst enemy of democracy and life”. In Turkey, a local pro-Erdogan newspaper commented on Bolton’s words, 2016. Refers to the failed attempt to overthrow the Ankara government.

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