Vaccination duty in other parts of Europe

Italian government on Wednesday He introduced It is mandatory for all people at least 50 years of age to be vaccinated against the corona virus. In Italy so far, compulsory vaccination against the corona virus has been practiced only by certain types of workers, such as health workers and law enforcement agencies, and has been introduced in Italy for all ages, regardless of work occurrence. It has linked itself to other European countries where similar measures have been announced or are about to be implemented. Austria is the only European country where compulsory vaccination has been announced for all.

It was the first European country to advertise in November To announce Introduction of compulsory vaccination to the entire population. Those under the age of 14, pregnant women, those who have recovered from Covit-19 within 180 days and those who have not been vaccinated for health reasons will be exempted from duty.

The government’s proposal has not yet been approved by parliament, where it will pass smoothly. It offers to take effect on February 1, but the ban on non-vaccinated individuals will begin on February 15. Persons registered in the vaccine register by this date will be fined 600 euros if they have not yet been vaccinated. Failure to pay the vaccine can result in a fine of up to three months every three months until January 2024. For those who do not pay the fine, an additional 6 3,600 will be allowed.

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The Greek government introduced the vaccine obligation for everyone over the age of 60 last December. The obligation will take effect on January 16, and anyone who does not vaccinate or is not vaccinated by this date will have to pay a fine of 100 euros, which can be repeated every month. Also, according to Greek newspapers, the government may announceExtension of duty Even for those between 50 and 59 years old.

Czech Republic
By March, the obligation to vaccinate at least 60-year-olds should begin. The move was introduced by the government of outgoing Prime Minister Andrzej Babis in early December, but may be withdrawn before it takes effect: the government of the officially inaugurated new Prime Minister Peter Fila. On December 17, he actually announced that he was against his duty to be vaccinated. A decision on this is expected in mid-February.

He will arrive in Poland from March 1 Introduced Duty to vaccinate teachers, health workers and police forces: Those who are not vaccinated cannot work.

Germany has so far introduced the compulsory vaccine only for health workers, but the new government formed by the Social Democrats, Liberals and Greens is considering introducing a compulsory vaccine for the whole population or for some age group. President Olaf Scholes of the Social Democrats said he was in favor, but the Liberals had not yet decided whether to support the plan, and discussions within the majority were slowly advancing. In any case the move will be submitted to a parliamentary vote.

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In France, as in Italy, vaccination is mandatory for health professionals and law enforcement agencies. Despite the presence of President Emmanuel Macron, there are currently no plans to extend this to other sections of the population. Said very clearly Who wants to tighten restrictions on those who are not vaccinated.

These days, the French Parliament is debating whether to make vaccination or recovery certification mandatory for access to most public places, except for the previously expected possibility of showing a negative result of a test for the corona virus. The proposal, backed by the government and Macron, has been widely opposed by opposition parties, making it difficult to approve. It was Approved From the National Assembly, it must now go to the Senate and then back to the National Assembly for a final vote.

The Spanish government, which has been very successful in the vaccination campaign, has now rejected the introduction of the vaccine obligation. The only restrictions in effect should be the duty of outdoor masks across the country and the equivalent of the Italian “basic” green pass to access certain public spaces, such as bars and restaurants. Some regions.

United Kingdom
From April 1, the corona virus vaccine will be mandatory for health professionals in the UK. However, Health Minister Sajid Javed said the government did not want to impose any obligations on the people.

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