Van der Leyen: ‘Do not submit to control’ after the war in Ukraine, the gas stops in Poland and Bulgaria. Gosprom: ‘4 EU countries pay in rubles’

Gas war between Russia And European union. Then Yesterday’s announcement Cosprom On top of that Total suspension Ingredients a Poland And Bulgaria As a result increase in priceThe responses of European presidents and companies have been harsh Brussels. There Bulgaria Ensures you have enough reserves for one more month, Ursula van der Leyen Promises that Europe is not subject to “blackmail from Moscow”, Expresses Berlin’s “concern.” From SnumMeanwhile, they said, “gas is flowing from Russia.” Italy Regular from Tarvisio. “But Cosprom 4 reveals that European buyers have already paid in rubles Gas and opened accounts at ten Cosprombank It is necessary to comply with Moscow’s request to pay in local currency. Vienna: “Fake news”.

Quiet Sofia: “We have a reserve for a month. We did not bend. “
The first reaction was the reaction of the government Sofia That is, with its energy minister Alexander NikolovEnsures adequate gas supply for at least one month without interruption: “Bulgaria will not negotiate under pressure And head down – he said – it is clear that natural gas is being used at this time Political and business weapon In the context of the war. “Furthermore, the Minister noted that Bulgaria had not violated any agreement with Gasprom and that in April it had paid in dollars for gas, but that there were still alternative sources to mitigate the impact of the suspension ordered by Moscow.

But Chief Grill Petkov However, he condemned Moscow’s decision Serious contract breach It’s a Intimidation. Bulgaria is reviewing all agreements with Gosprom, including agreements on Russian gas exchange. Serbia And Hungary, why “Unilateral intimidation is unacceptable”.

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Poland: “Blackmail has no effect”
The Confederation with the Prime Minister of Poland publicly responded to the decision Mateusz Morawiecki Speaking in parliament, he confirmed the “gas threat” posed by Russia This will have no effect in Poland. Thanks to many years of efforts to ensure that gas comes from other countries, the country is safe, he underlined it. Warsaw He will not be afraid of the Russian gas cut.

Moraviki then said we would face it The next step in “gas imperialism” Russia and “direct attack on Poland”: “We will face this threat by pointing the gun at the head without noticing the poles,” he added. 2.3 billion cubic meters of reserves Of gas. “Russia has hit the European economy hard Inflationary measures. ‘Putiniflation’ aims to further raise gas prices.

Van der Leyen: “We will not be threatened by Russia”
After all, it was the head of the European Commission who spoke out against the federation’s decision, defining Casprom’s announcement as “another”. Russia’s attempt to intimidate us With gas. We are ready for this situation. We draw our own Integrated response Of the European Union. Europeans can trust that we are in solidarity and solidarity with the affected member states. ” To ensure a quick and effective response, he explained, “a meeting of the Gas Coordination Committee is already underway.”

Van der Leyen later released an official statement in which he reaffirmed the firm position of the EU and defined Gosprom’s action. “Unfair and unacceptable”One more proof “Russia’s unreliability As a gas supplier. We have worked to ensure alternative deliveries and better storage conditions across the EU. We will continue to work with international partners Alternate flows I will continue to work with European and world leaders to ensure the security of the energy supply in Europe.

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Duma aims for conflict: “Suspension of other hostile nations”
The president, who believes that Moscow’s action is not enough yet DumaRussian room, Vyasaslav VolodinAccording to it, Russia should stop supplying gas only to Bulgaria and Poland. Other hostile nations: Gazprom suspends gas supply to Bulgaria and Poland We must do the same with our hostile nations, “he said in a telegram.

Berlin: “Worried, we will monitor the situation”
On Wednesday, however, Berlin expressed concern over Moscow’s decision. Minister of Economy, Robert HebeckHe assured the people, “Gas flows as a whole are stable. However, we are concerned about the suspension of gas supplies to European allies. We in the EU are in close coordination to get a clearer picture of the situation.”

Austria: “We pay in euros for gas. No stopping for now “
Me too ‘AustriaItaly and HungaryHe told his energy minister, Leonor Kuesler, Goods from Russia come “without restrictions” even after the stops for Poland and Bulgaria and Vienna continues to pay in euros. Chancellor Carl Nehammer On Twitter, he slammed Russia: “Before Fake news The Russian propaganda is spreading further here. Apparently, OMV will continue to pay for gas supplies from Russia in euros. Austria is bound by the letter Obstacles The European Union agreed. “

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