Victor Orban’s secret election campaign in Hungary

In two more months, parliamentary elections will take place in Hungary on April 3, with more than 8 million people able to vote. For the first time in a long time, Prime Minister Victor Orban, who has led the country in a semi-authoritarian course since 2010, faces a challenge with the support of all major opposition parties. In short, Orbán will lose. However, it will be very difficult for the opposition, as Orban and his circle of political allies have a variety of tactics, persuasion and pressure to pull off the election campaign. .

The tactic we talk about the most, took place on the same terms as before the 2018 parliamentary election. Some activists and members of civil society were approached under the pretext of cooperation by mysterious advisers to foreign multinationals. As a testament to the international conspiracy to overthrow the government of Urban – including members of Hungarian civil society – these conversations are being recorded and compiled and published in newspapers close to Urban. Politics He looked at the trail Four people who have had this happen in the last two years.

Intellectual and educator Talipore Rohak He told the press Bulwark The same thing happened to him: In the summer of 2020, he was approached by a mysterious man who claimed to be a founding member of Wilson Energy Consultants, with whom I chatted twice with the camera on Skype (mysterious man on request). A few months later, Rohak found an excerpt from the conversation, in which he said that the EU would sigh with relief if Urban lost the 2022 election. McCarthy NemsetPopularly close to Orban.

Article published McCarthy Nemset Entitled “Who is behind the Taliban Rohak”

Another tactic that Urban has been using for years in the election campaign is about alleged and immediate invasions of immigrants. This is a theme that often occurs in the rhetoric of the organ, and is known for its statements. Lie And Hostile Towards Islam and the Muslim People.

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Associated Press Writes “As the April 3 elections approach, the current migration pressure is greater than in 2015 when hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers came out of war and poverty and came to the EU,” Orbán said. At a rare December press conference, Orban told reporters that in 2021 Hungarian authorities had arrested and imprisoned “more than 100,000 people.” In fact, the figures are very low: according to data from the European Union’s border security agency Frontex, in 2021 there were 60,540 irregular inputs across the so-called “Balkan Route”, of which Hungary was the only one. Countries concerned.

Another method used by Orban is to keep meetings with foreign leaders close to elections in order to legitimize his status as international leader.

A few weeks before the 2018 Orbán Parliamentary election Meeting Georgia Meloni, President of the Italian Brothers. Now that his profile is significantly thicker, he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in early February. According to government sources Defender Former US President Donald Trump is set to meet in Hungary, which will be Trump’s first foreign trip since taking office.

Trump and Orban during a meeting at the White House in 2019 (Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Attempts to influence elections are not limited to the election campaign. Euronews He pointed out Independent reports on the 2018 parliamentary elections state that “fake documents, intimidation of voters and voters, vote-buying episodes and the irregular deportation of voters from abroad” have been reported. Since then, it has continued Euronews, 2o19 Reports of irregularities increased even during the European and municipal elections. In short, there is every reason to think that Orban and his circle will try again during the April referendum.

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