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Shock in Brussels, pigeon A woman was pushed behind a man but on the rails. It happened inside Roger Metro Station on Friday, January 14 at 19.40. The woman in the center of the unpleasant and frightening episode was waiting for the train to arrive, when suddenly a thrust hit her directly on the tracks. If so, guilty Ran in the opposite direction and escaped.

Others at the station also tried to help. Also, by the time the girl was thrown, the train had arrived. Fortunately, the convoy was stopped just in time. One meter away from the woman lying on the rails. The train driver, in fact, was warned by people waiting on the sidewalk. So he did emergency braking and stopped the train from running. None of the subway passengers were injured.

The passengers, on the other hand, got off the tracks immediately after the woman awoke. As for the man responsible for the push, it would have been He was arrested shortly after the crash When he was at the De Brouck√®re metro station. He was questioned by police and taken to the Brussels Attorney’s Office. However, it is not yet known why he did this or whether the two knew each other.

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