War in Ukraine, direct – Moscow tests a hypersonic missile north of Helsinki. New heavy artillery vehicles arrived in Ukraine

Zhelensky: “I doubt regime change in Russia”

A regime change Vladimir Putin In Russia it is not yet possible: the President of Ukraine said, Volodimir ZhelenskyDuring an exclusive interview with a Dutch TV show Newsur. According to Gelensky, Russian leaders have “united in their actions against us, and we feel guilty. Now I have my doubts about Putin’s regime change. I think they all have.” Fear His “.

Bombs on Mykolive, Mayor: “There are civilian casualties”

The Russians have The bomb was dropped Back to residential areas Mycolive And there are civilian casualties. The mayor said: Alexander ChenkevichThe company reports UNIAN.

The most powerful version of the M109 Howitzer in Kiev

Ukraine new e More powerful version 155mm M109 US Self-propelled Howitzers. The company reports Ukrinform.

Duma: “Up to 65 years in the military”

The Russian Duma approved the law in three readings Cancels the age limit Complete the first military service contract in Russia. The military can Up to 65 men and 60 women should be in the army. The law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation has made it clear that the first military service agreement in Russia before the age of 50 can still be finalized. Previously, the law provided that the first military service agreement could target civilians between the ages of 18 and 40 and foreign citizens between the ages of 18 and 30.

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Kiev: “Self-propelled howitzers arrived”

The Ukrainian Defense Minister announced the visit Self-propelled howitzers M109 155 mm in the updated version. “I am pleased to announce that the stock of our 155mm artillery has been replenished. Ukraine has received an updated version of the Howitzers. This is high quality equipment. Their visit is the result of cooperation between different countries,” the Minister wrote on Facebook. Oleksi ResnikovQuoted Ukrinform.
The Ukrainian minister says it already uses three types of 155 mm artillery, the M777, FH70 and Caesar.

El Bais: “EU evaluates naval work to haul Ukrainian grain”

L ‘European union The possibility is being considered Start a naval mission For Sub In the column Grain vessels From Ukraine Black Sea, Affected by mines and managed by Russian ships and submarines. He brings it back El Bais Citing European sources in view of the summit in Brussels on Monday, the Spanish daily recalled that the wheat crisis would be resolved.

Guardian: “Russians toward Nuremberg style trial in Donbass”

Russians and pro-Russian militants Donbass Inspired by the determination of the leaders of Nazi Germany, they are considering the hypothesis of setting up a show trial. Nuremberg In 1946For alleged war crimes committed by Ukrainians in the region: British writes Defender, Citing some Russian and pro-Russian officials. A military process that a former Russian diplomat calls “Nuremberg 2.0” will allow Moscow to try to justify to the world view the first declared purpose of its “special military operation”, namely the “denunciation” of Ukraine. . The Defender He recalled how hundreds of Ukrainian prisoners who had come out of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol with their hands raised, mainly by the nationalist fighters of the Azov regiment, were told by more voices on the Russian side that they should try. Bar. “We plan to hold an international tribunal in the territory of the Republic,” he said, quoting a British newspaper. Denise Bushlin, Head of the Russian-controlled territory in the Donetsk region. According to the expert Hirsch of France, Author of an article on the Nuremberg experiments and an educator at Madison University in Wisconsin, said, “This is a political process that aims to support a specific story about war.” From the beginning. Hirsch added that a study aimed to prove that today’s Ukraine was “ruled by the Nazis” and that there were “direct links between Ukrainian Nazi collaborators during German occupation during World War II” and that “today’s Ukrainian soldiers”. , Quoted by the Guardian. The expert concluded that the purpose was to “try to present what we consider to be fiction as a fact.”

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Bombs in 49 villages in Donbass

There are Russian forces The bomb was dropped Yesterday 49 Ukrainian villages In Donbass (East) causes at least four deaths and five injuries among civilians in the Donetsk region, the military announced today, according to Kyiv Independent. The death toll and injuries in the Lukansk region are not yet known.

Moscow confirms Lyman victory

The Russian military has confirmed the capture of the city of Lyman in eastern Ukraine.

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