War in Ukraine, EU: “Moscow prevents wheat as a kind of threat”. London is thinking of sending ships to the Black Sea to protect cargo

Warships To protect European countries and beyond Ukrainian goods loaded with grain Ready to export. This was the idea that emerged from the last meeting between the British government and other allies Theft of goods In the hands of Russian forces restricting access to the sea in the southern and occupied country Vladimir Putin. Sending the state’s navy to the Black Sea is a risky move, but it is considered necessary. Open Export From The main country for grain distribution In many states, without supplies, primary goods run the risk of running out. President of the European Commission, Ursula van der LeyenDavos recalled, “We see how Russia is Turned its energy supplies into weapons“And” unfortunately, we find the same pattern emerging in food security. Ukraine is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Its flag represents the most common Ukrainian landscape: a yellow wheat field under the blue sky. Now, those wheat fields have been burned. In Russian-occupied Ukraine, the Kremlin’s army confiscated reserves of grain and machinery. Today TheRussian artillery shells grocery stores Deliberately all over Ukraine ”.

Again: “Russian warships in the Black Sea intercept Ukrainian ships loaded with wheat and sunflower seeds. Everyone knows the consequences of these shameful acts. The Prices are skyrocketing. More vulnerable countries and vulnerable people are most affected. The price of bread Lebanon They increased by 70% and could not reach countries such as food exports from Odessa Somalia. As if that weren’t enough, Russia has stockpiled its exports of food as a form IntimidationSuspending supplies to raise global prices or trading grain for political support. ”

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A spokesman for the commission added: “Russian troops are stealing Ukrainian wheat or destroying stockpiles. There are various sources.” Posted video Cnn Show new Satellite photos of the port of Sevastopol, In Crimea, two Russian ships appear to be carrying goods believed to have been stolen from Ukrainian grain. New pictures from Maxar Technologies dated May 19 and 21 show the ships – Metros Posinich And this Metro Ghosh – Next dock Pits Wheat, grains pouring from an belt into the open grip. According to the ship tracking site MarineTraffic.comBoth ships have left the port: Matros Pozynich sailing in the Aegean Sea, claiming to be heading for Beirut, while Matros Koshka is still in the Black Sea.

The broadcaster points out that it is difficult to say for sure whether the stolen Ukrainian grain was loaded on ships, but Crimea, which is annexed by Russia, produces smaller grains, unlike parts of Ukraine. Gerson And Zaphorizia, Rich in crops, immediately north. Ukrainian officials and industry sources said Russian forces had emptied several pits in the occupied territories and moved the grain south. Earlier this month, Matros Pozynich carried out a similar task: he loaded grain and sailed from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. It initially went to Egypt with its cargo, but was repatriated from Alexandria after warnings from Ukrainian authorities, the government said. He was also banned from entering Beirut and eventually docked at Latakia in Syria, where Russia has been supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad for years.

In a meeting with representatives of the government Boris Johnson The Lithuanian Foreign Minister was also present. Gabrielius LandsbergisWho conducted a meeting on a potential naval route protected by Odessa Throughout Phosphorus With its British counterpart, Liz Truss. Landsbergis talked about one Alliance Participants include some NATO countries and others that depend on the import of goods from Ukraine. The US administration has also already taken steps to avoid further obstacles to trade flows by announcing last week that it is already working closely with European allies to develop ways to guarantee Ukrainian grain production and maize exit. Odessa area port siege.

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The war in Ukraine led to a large increase in grain prices, which was especially felt in developing countries. Total 25 million tons According to the German Foreign Minister, they are currently detained in Ukrainian ports Annalena Barbach.

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