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There is now opposition near the Russian border north of Kharkiv. In the south, in the Severodonetsk region, the Russians forced the guards to return to more manageable positions. Dynamic challenge for Snake Island control

Kiev says it started again Control of 1,200 km of boundaries. Moscow is trying to open up violations. The activities of competitors in the Black Sea have also been reported. The summary leads us to consider Three points on the east facade. In the north of Kharkiv, opposition near the Russian border now undermines the rear and, above all, The enemy cannon Now it only affects the suburbs. They are consistent successesThe invaders were forced to retreat and the troops were exhausted by several days of fighting.

What happens now? The army – according to several sources – has moved troops from the Izyum area and is keeping about 20 battalions on standby. In the Russian city of Belgorod. He must inevitably steal forces planned for other operations and the dangers of targeting his villages: The Ukrainians raided the area While they were still far away, the deeds were not explicitly claimed.

Further south, in the Severodonetsk region, the Russians forced the guards to retreat. In the best manageable positions. Obviously positive results Men of General Dornikov. What are the developments? The question is about the possibilities of securing victories: pictures from a camp in the Pilohorivka region show a destroyed pandoon and numerous burnt vehicles. The column would have fallen into a deadly trap When trying to cross the Donetsk River. Some say May 9 was the second attempt.

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Marries the opinion of episode expert Tobias Schneider, who mentioned what it is Strategy adopted by the authorities of Zhelensky:

1) frictional action with rapid counterattacks, but not large attacks that can cause high losses;

2) makes every step of the enemy more expensive: the Russians can gain and lose at the same time, they bleed to death;

3) prevent invaders from launching large and connected maneuvers;

4) Reorganize the teams, rotate the fighters, and bring the bookers forward in a less chaotic way.

It is always difficult to have a reliable image. Rumors have been circulating for weeks that the Kremlin wants to take full control of Donbass and its allies New York Times, Generally well-aligned with official US ratings, he focused on Russian victories on Tuesday. This is when the leaders of US intelligence are in Congress They stressed the existence of a stalemate and the possibility of a protracted war.

South now. From the first day of the war The strategists questioned the fate of Odessa, A long-awaited waterfall attack did not get there. However, the most important port overlooking the Black Sea was repeatedly attacked by Russian missiles, undermining its importance. Predicts the Kremlin’s maximum target Capture of the entire coastline up to TransnistriaA move to snatch Ukraine’s maritime outlet and, above all, exports and stifle its economy.

7 Russian missiles hit a shopping center and warehouse in the city on Tuesday morning, mainly targeting weapons coming from the West, which Moscow considers legitimate targets: the use of 3 hypersonic kinsel carriers – they are not plentiful. In the Russian arsenal – it may be a confirmation. At the same time, there are those who do not deny that Odessa may be a diversion. And he did not lose sight Not even BelarusA perpetual pendulum between threats of intervention and suspensions.

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More energetic The challenge of controlling the island of snakesA rocky outpost about 35 kilometers off the coast of Ukraine was captured by the Russians in the early days of the conflict. Now they are under repeated attack from the opposition, Especially with drones. Moscow is blocking fortifications and – British intelligence writes – trying to insert other air defense systems, especially SA 15. But, then The sinking of MoscowLarge landing ships do not like to rely on small units.

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