War in Ukraine, live coverage – Moscow agrees: “Difficulty, but we will continue”. Russia expels 24 Italian ambassadors Dragons: “Anti-Law”

Kiev: “New conquests in the region around Kharkiv”

The Ukrainian army has recorded new victories in the surrounding region Kharkiv. This was announced by the Kiev civil servants, according to which the army liberated the village DimentivkaThe fighting is taking place near the village of Dovhenke, 25 kilometers from the Slovenes, near the Russian border. Civil servants declared fierce fighting near the cities of Lyvon, Baghmud, Avtivka and Siverodonetsk in the Luhansk region, where it intervened. Russian Air Force According to Kiev, in support of the ground forces with massive bombings, without making significant progress.

Guterres (UN): “Moscow allows safe export of wheat”

“Moscow must allow it Safe export of grains Stored in Ukrainian ports. Must have complete and unrestricted access to Russian food and fertilizer World MarketsThe UN Secretary General said Antonio Guterres To the US-organized Cabinet on the Food Crisis. “I am in close contact with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the United States, the European Union and other major countries on this issue,” he added. I am optimistic, But still have a long way to go. Complex security and financial implications require goodwill from all sides. ”

Moscow: “Nearly 3 million Ukrainians have taken refuge in Russia”

Nearly 3 million Ukrainians “have taken refuge in Russia”. Mikhail Mijintsev, head of the National Security Center in Moscow, was quoted by Interfox as saying. “To date, 2,756,034 requests in Russia come from 2,135 cities in Ukraine,” the manager said. In the last 24 hours alone, 17,000 refugees have arrived from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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US: “Another North Korean missile or nuclear test possible”

“There North Korea Another missile or nuclear test can be carried out before and after the visit பிடன் National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told a conference at the White House: South Korea And Japan.

Biden: “I will not go to Turkey, but I think everything will be fine.”

“I will not go to Turkey, but I think everything will be fine”: he said Joe Biden Ankara’s entry to the press in response to the question Sweden And Finland Inside Was born.

Kiev: “Five civilians killed in Russian attack, including a child”

At least five civilians, including a two-year-old boy, have been killed in a Russian airstrike on Bakmut in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk. This was reported by the regional prosecutor’s office, cited by Ukrainska Pravda, who said the attack took place yesterday, but the victims later emerged from the rubble of the affected buildings. Four others were injured, including three boys aged 9 to 17.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “Closing CBC headquarters unacceptable”

“Unacceptable”. Thus the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau He commented on the closure of the CBC, the Canadian radio and television office in Moscow, in retaliation for the war in Ukraine.

Lavrov: “Russia will continue to participate in the WHO”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov He reaffirmed Russia’s desire to continue its active participation in its activitiesWorld Health Organization”During a conversation with the General Manager Tetros Adonom Caprese. The ministry quoted the company as saying Interfox.

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US embassy reopens in Kiev: “Ukrainian people defend their land”

The United States has Reopened Their Embassy in Kiev More than two months. The State Department said in a statement. “The Ukrainian people, with the help of our defense, defended their land in the face of Russia’s reckless invasion. So the stars and the lines are the flag. Let’s wander again At the embassy, ​​”the secretary of state announced Anthony Blingen. At the beginning of the war, American diplomats first went to Liv, then to Poland, from where they carried out all operations. A few weeks ago, US President Kristina Kvien announced her intention to reopen the embassy by the end of the month. US President Joe Biden has already made the recommendation Bridget margin As the new US Ambassador.

De Mayo: “I talked to Çavusoglu about NATO expansion and talks”

“In New York I interviewed my Turkish colleague Mevlüt avusoglu. At the center of the NATO expansion meeting, Negotiation path And the search for a peaceful solution in Ukraine, a common response to the food crisis, in conjunction with the FAO on June 8 with an Italian initiative. Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo said on Twitter.

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