War in Ukraine, live – Draghi: “Everyone is at the same table, calling Biden Putin”. Zhelensky: “Crimea was never Russian, but do not discuss it for now.”

Nikolaev, hear the explosions

An explosion was heard in Nicole. This was stated by the mayor of the city Oleksandr Senkevych while the flight alert was in progress.

Unhcr: More than 6 million refugees

They have been in Ukraine since the beginning of the war More than 6 million people Those who have fled the country since February 24, when the Russian invasion began. This is revealed from the data published byUnhcr. Most of the 6,029,705 refugees arrived Poland (3,272,943), in Romania (895.828) and in Russia (785,348) They continue Hungary (583.066), Republic Moldova (459,546), Slovakia (409.527) and Belarus (27,308) The number of internally displaced persons was 1,626,500.

Azhov Klopper’s Video: “Let’s Fight”

Brigade Azov Shared a video of the fight at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, “despite the shortage Ammunition And many more Injured“, He continues to deny Attacks Russians. “On the 78th day of the war and despite complete siege conditions and very difficult conditions, the soldiers of the Azov Battalion continued to knock down the enemy from previously occupied positions in the territory of the Azovstal plant,” it was explained. Video, according to what reports Ukrainska ProvdTo do.

Draghi at CDM: The real goal is to create a future and peace

Chief Mario DragonsAs stated in itHandle Some of those present at the meeting, at the beginning of the CDM, updated the ministers on the visit to Washington, which allowed them to focus on the strategic question: The war has taken over. New Physiology Now the real goal is to ask how The futureThe Peace, The path of negotiation towards peace and, above all, what kind of peace is desired. Tracy’s logic began with the premise that the Ukrainians wanted peace. Not set And has been stable for many years. “We have to bring the parties to the table,” he said.

Dragons in the CDM: At the same table to negotiate. Biden should call Putin

CDM, at the opening ceremony, talking to ministers, the purpose of peace, according to whatHandle Those who were, Chief Mario Tracy All partners, but especially frankly, reiterated that it was an initial effort Russia He United Statessitting in a Desk. A table, of course, the main actor in Ukraine. In this context, the Prime Minister said that Biden should call Putin. Contacts – Prime Minister explained – should be RelaunchedIntensified on all levels, with unforgettable ability because it is “impossible”, but “to see the future”.

Lugansk, two bridges exploded to slow down the Russians

Ukrainian forces did To explode At least Two bridges On the Sevarsky Donets River to prevent the advance of Russian troops in the Lukansk region. Reports CnnRefers to some satellite images showing the destruction of infrastructure in the area of ​​the village of Pilohorivka.

Through the G7 foreign affairs in Germany, there are also Ukraine and Moldova

German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach He officially opened work on the G7, which was organized at Weissenhaus Castle in northwestern Germany. Foreign Ministers of the countryUkraine And Moldova Were invited to attend as guests. According to tradition, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy also participates in the G7 – mainly dedicated to the Ukrainian crisis. Joseph Borel. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen is still recovering well after the coup, and will be replaced by Deputy Victoria Nuland. Energy and food security, relations with China and climate change are also on the table. Italy is represented by Luigi de Mayo, owner of Fornesina.

Zhelensky: “Respect for the Pope but we do not accept two flags together”

“I have great respect for the Pope. When the Pope prays for Ukraine, a person of faith can do the same, can pray to God for help, and we are very grateful and have a lot of faith in Him. Instead (during the Via Cruise, Ed) Showed Two With carrying Two flagsRussian and Ukrainian, the two peoples may be friendly, We could not acceptThis was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky in an interview with Bruno Vespa in a post on Porta a Porta aired tonight. One Russian said, “The flag they kill is ours.

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