War in Ukraine, live – Guterres in Russia: “All for a ceasefire”. More eruptions in transnistria. “Raid on Saporizia”

The Kremlin “worried” about transnistria

The Kremlin “Closely follows” the situation TransnistriaIts latest developments raise “Anxiety”. A Kremlin spokesman was quoted as saying by TASS. The Kremlin says no contacts are currently planned between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moldovan President Mia Sandu.

Putin-Erdogan phone conversation

Interview Phone call this morning between the Russian president Putin And the Turkish one Erdogan. At the center of the conversation is the situation in Ukraine. This was announced by the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, according to Interfox News.

Guterres du Lavrov: “Everything for a Ceasefire”

“We are interested in finding ways to create a situation Ceasefire As soon as possible in Ukraine, everything possible should be done for this goal. This was stated by the Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Gutteres Meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov In Moscow. Guterres will then be welcomed by Vladimir in the Kremlin Putin.

New attack on Draspole: Army unit attacked

Security Council Transnistria denotes a New attackV. AArmy Division Near Draspole. The Russian company DOS reported, citing the press service of the president of Transnistria’s self-proclaimed government, that there have been a total of three attacks in the region from yesterday to today. Therefore, the self-proclaimed government officials decided to raise the ‘terrorist’ alert to a red level, raise security measures and cancel the march on May 9.

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Berlin: “We will train Kiev forces with the United States”

“We are working with ourselves American Friends Inside Training Ukrainian troops for artillery on German soil ”. The German Defense Minister announced Christine Lambrecht, Speaking with Rammstein, according to reports from the DPA, which is releasing a transcript of the speech. “We all know that artillery is an essential factor in this conflict,” he added. The Minister confirmed that Berlin would make it possible to supply cupboards.

GB: “Syrian formal attacks on Kiev in Russia”

Carrying out attacks inside Ukraine is “complete” Russia Stop Distribution lines. This was stated by the British Minister of Defense. James HippieOn BBC Radio 4, after warnings from the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov On the supply of weapons by Was born To Ukraine. Asked about reports that Ukraine was targeting a fuel depot on Russian soil, Heappey said: “Question: Is it acceptable for the Ukrainians to use our weapons against legitimate Russian military targets? First, the Ukrainians are the target, not the kit manufacturers or exporters. It’s completely legitimate Continue to aim by attacking your opponents deeply in order to disrupt their logistics and supply lines. He added, “It is completely legal for the Russians to attack targets in western Ukraine and disrupt Ukrainian supply routes. This is part of the war.

Moldova convenes National Security Council

Chairman of Moldova Maya Chandu called today National Security Council After a series of explosions in the pro-Russian separatist region Transnistria They raised fears that the conflict in Ukraine could spread to the smaller Eastern European country. The Moldovan president will hold a press conference after the security meeting.

Moscow: “500 nationalists killed at night”

The Russian forces They cleaned up last night 500 “enemy nationalists”In which 60 fighters Of the Nationalist Committee Donbass. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor-Konashenkov, said today after a recent operational explanation of the resumption on social media quoted by DOS.

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