War in Ukraine, live – Journalist killed in attack on Kiev. British NGO: “Two volunteers abducted by Russians in Saporizia”

NGO: “Two British volunteers captured by Russian army”

Two British volunteers Providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine Caught By the Russian army. This was reported by the humanitarian organization Presidium Network. The two were arrested Monday at a checkpoint near the city of Saporizhia in southern Ukraine. They are believed to have worked independently but were in contact with the Presidium network. Co-founder of the organization, Dominic Byrne, Said the two workers were trying to evict a Ukrainian family and at some point the waiting public began to receive strange messages from the phone of one of the two British citizens. Two hours later, Russian soldiers entered the family home, told them how they had contacted the volunteers and that they were spies.

Moscow: “Another Russian checkpoint bombed by Ukrainians”

Moscow officials say another Russian border checkpoint was attacked today by Ukrainian bombs. The site of the bombing is located in the Russian region Bryansk. According to the government agency Tax The FSB, a Russian intelligence office on the border, was targeted.

Kiev: “Attacks on Sumi from Russian territory”

“This morning the Russian army opened fire on the Sumi region in northeastern Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation. Border guards recorded the arrival of more than Thirty mortar shells He was expelled from the Russian village of Horodishchev. The border guards wrote in a statement quoting this Ukrinform.

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Indonesia invites Putin and Gelensky to G20 in November

President of Indonesia Joko Widodo He announced that he had invited both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky to attend the G20 summit under the Indonesian presidency in Bali next November.

Paris condemns “blind” attacks on Kiev

The French government condemns the Russian attacks.Impartial“In Kiev during the visit of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The woman who was killed in the attack in Kiev is a journalist from Radio Svoboda

She is a journalist Svoboda Radio Vera Krich, 55, woman killed in a missile attack on a residential building in Kiev during the visit of UN Secretary General Guterres. It was reported by his colleagues. Message confirmedHandle On the site. Krich lived on the second floor of the building and also worked for the TV channel ‘1 + 1’.

Moldovan Vice Premier: “Transnistria will not take part in wars”

Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova, Oleg CerebrianHe said there was “no reason to believe that Transnistria” is endangered or that the region may be Engaged in hostilities“This was stated by the Russian state agency Rhea Novosti. “There is no danger that this tension, which cannot be ignored, will turn into a military confrontation,” he explained to the Moldova 1 television channel.

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Human Rights Commissioner Kiev: “700 students in Donetsk and Lukansk forced to donate blood to Russians”

Russians insist on Occupied Territories of Donetsk and Lukansk High school students To do Donate blood For their wounded soldiers “. The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Ukrainian Parliament Lyudmila Denisova reported this by telegram, explaining that he was aware of 700 cases of compulsory blood donation in various educational institutions. He claims that Russia has violated the secession.
The official then appealed to the UN Commission of Inquiry Human rights violations These facts must be taken into account during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

Unhcr: “5.3 million Ukrainian refugees”

The “numbers” of Ukrainian refugees are worrying: we a 5.3 million. For us, the emphasis is on “staying in the country, displacing the displaced, but trying to distribute humanitarian goods, money” and finally “special attention to women and children.” Sierra CardolettiUN General Assembly The High Commissioner’s Representative to Italy speaks at a meeting on “Solidarity for Refugees from War in Ukraine and European Cooperation” organized in Rome at the European Parliament Representative Offices in Italy.

Kiev: “Russian troops steal tons of wheat from southern Ukraine”

Russian troops “Theft“The Grain stocks Of Ukraine. This was stated by the civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Cnn: “Russian occupiers are plundering Ukrainian villagers and stealing more than 60 tons of grain with freight trucks from an agricultural cooperative in the town of Kamiyanga-Diniprovskaya in the Zaporizhia region.” Mayor of the southern city of Melidopol, Ivan FedorovHe added: “We have released a video of more than fifty trucks carrying grain from our occupied territories with convoy trailers. We do not know where they sent him.

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