War in Ukraine, live – Kiev: “Russian forces occupy dozens of small towns in Donbass, conflict intensifies”

Kiev: The Russians have captured dozens of small towns in the Donbass

Russian forces captured dozens Small towns Donbosin, serious i Fight Donetsk and Lugansk regions. He mentions it KievThis contradicts British intelligence observations that the Russians have not made significant progress in Ukraine in the last 24 hours. Olena SimonenkoThe adviser of the Ukrainian bureau, speaking on television, said that not less than one day 42 small towns Only in the Donetsk region

Mariupol: “Russians remove city of corpses and take them to a 300-meter-long cemetery”

The Russians continue to “clean up” the Mariupol center. Are now standing Destroys Ruins Theater, Shot down last month and in the basement where hundreds of civilians were hiding. This was stated by a member of the Mariupol Municipal Council. Petro AndrushenkoAccording to the report BBC.
According to Andrushenko, the Russians Corpses Found under the rubble “Plastic bags“Then, they take them to the industrial area in tractors and trucks Nikolsky. “After that, they take them to Mangush and put them in one Pit Long blank out 300 meters“, He condemned.

Ukrainian intelligence: “All Russian war teams sent back east from Belarus”

Moscow produces “A. New attack On a large scale DonetskAimed at identifying points High vulnerability Re-deployment of Ukrainian Army and All Troops from Belarus to Eastern Ukraine “: A Report Highlights Ukrainian intelligence Reported by Ukrinform.
“Everything Tactical groups Accumulated so far BelarusNear our northern borders, now re-employedEastern Ukraine“, He says வாடிம் SkipitskyRepresentative of the Directorate General of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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Moscow: “US plans to use weapons of mass destruction”

“The United States They are planning provocations to accuse the Russian military of using it Weapons of mass destruction In Ukraine. ” Igor KirillovQuoted Tax.

Figo: “Peace does not mean surrender”

“There Peace That does not make sense SurrenderPeace must be achieved but does not mean giving up, so today more and more The Ukrainian people Its ownership as a people, as a company must be determined and respected The right to protection, Which is a sacred right and the Italian Parliament is close to the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian institutions and this right. Said the Speaker of the House. Roberto PictureOn the sidelines of an event organized at the Cursal Santalucia Theater in Barry “Opposition is a beautiful future” on the 77th anniversary of Italy’s liberation from Nazi-fascism.

Kiev: “One week to complete talks with guaranteed countries”

Suggestions with Villages Possible Guarantors Ukraine’s security could be shut down In a week. This was stated by an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine. Michael BodoliacAs he mentions Ukrinform.
According to the information site Ukrainska PravdaThis was quoted by the Ukrainian media SuspilnePodolyak allegedly said: “At the level of political advisers, they continue Suggestions With countries that have agreed to discuss the guarantees they may consider. Of course, there will be various guarantees ”.

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Nearly 3 million refugees in Poland

They are more 2.9 million The Ukrainian refugees Ran inside Poland From the beginning of the war on February 24: The Polish border guard confirmed it.

Like Mario, efforts will be made to implement the humanitarian route

An implementation attempt will be made in Mariupol from noon (11am in Italy). Humanitarian Corridor To empty Trapped civilians Mariupol, the city of martyrdom: the Ukrainian government confirms it.

Ukrainian PM: “Mariupol worst disaster of the century”

The situation of Mariupolin under the continuous and incessant bombardment of the Russians “The. Worse Disaster This century “and the worst humanitarian catastrophe since the Russian invasion: this was announced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Refuses Shmihall, Spoke at a press conference in Washington. “We will see the terrible atrocities committed by the Russians when the city was liberated,” Schmidt added. He said Russian troops were “destroying everything.” At least they are still estimated to be trapped in Mariupol 100,000 people. Kiev estimates that the dead in the city At least 20,000: Statistics that are currently difficult to verify.

Zhelensky: “Moscow wants other countries too”

President of Ukraine, Volodimir ZhelenskyIn his nightly speech, he called for an “invasion of Ukraine.”This is only the beginningPlans to capture “more Moscow” Others Villages“.” Like us, all nations that believe in the triumph of life over death must fight with us, and they must help us, because we First Tax. After that, who is it? Zhelensky said.

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