War in Ukraine, live – missiles in Kiev at dawn, Moscow: “tanks destroyed”. Ukrainian counterattacks in Severodonetsk, slowed down by the Russians

UN-Kiev-Moscow meeting on grain exports

A three-way meeting between the UN, Russia and Ukraine will be held in the next few days to discuss the lifting of the embargo on grain exports through the Black Sea ports. This was reported by the Turkish CNN, according to which “the fourth meeting on grain will be held in Istanbul in the next few days. In an interview, Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for the Turkish president, expected to sign a memorandum that would allow loaded ships to pass through, along with grain across the Straits of the Black Sea and the Phosphorus and Tortonelles Straits.

Spain will supply missiles and tanks to Kiev

In addition to essential training by the Kiev military, Spain will supply Ukraine with anti-aircraft missiles and Leopard A4 tanks: the Spanish newspaper El Pais writes today, citing government sources. This is a standard leap on the part of Madrid, which so far has only been in the process of sending small arms such as ammunition, personal protective equipment and grenades and machine guns to Ukraine.

Zhelensky: “We will teach Russia the inevitability of punishment”

“L ‘The inevitability of punishment Ukraine is definitely a policy to teach Russia. But first, we must teach on the battlefield that Ukraine will not be captured, that our people will not surrender, and that our children will not become the property of the invaders. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky wrote in a telegram.

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Moscow: “Tanks supplied by Eastern Europe destroyed in Kiev”

In the early hours of the morning, Russian space forces, with high-precision missiles, destroyed the suburbs of Kiev. T-72 tanks And will be provided by other armored vehiclesEastern EuropeThis was announced by the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor KonashenkovCited by Government Agency Tax. “They were at an auto repair company,” he said.

The missiles also hit the infrastructure of the Ukrainian Railway Company Ukrzaliznytsia: Serhii Lechtchenko, a member of Ukraine’s oversight committee and adviser to the Ukrainian president, announced in a telegram. According to preliminary information, none of the victims. This morning Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko spoke about the injured man.

Missiles fired at Kiev from a bomb in the Caspian Sea

Russian missiles fired at Kiev this morning Tu-95 Strategic Bombing Flies over Caspian Sea: Ukrainian Air Force confirms that a missile was shot down. The Tu-95 is a Soviet-made four-engine aircraft developed by Dupolev in the 1950s and designed to carry out defensive missions and nuclear strikes. The new version of this aircraft is capable of launching long-range attack missiles.

Kiev: “Four killed and 13 injured in Donbass in the last 24 hours”

The Russian military has been on the offensive for the past 24 hours. 32 seats In the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, at least killed Four people And hurts them Others13: Kyiv officials announce it. During the attacks, 81 civilian targets were damaged or destroyed, including 75 residential buildings. In the Donetsk region, engineers found and defused 63 explosives in the districts of Gramadorsk, Bakmut, Pokrovsky and Volnovoka. At the same time, emergency services evacuated 544 people from the war zones.

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De Mayo: “Peace needs two, Ukraine opens but Russia responds with bombs”

“We must work to ensure that the war ends soon. We are working on all fronts, assisting Ukraine, supporting dialogue through allied countries such as Turkey, and wanting to achieve peace as soon as possible. Of course, to like peace, It takes twoForeign Minister Luigi de Mayo made the announcement in Naples this morning.
“Ukraine and Zhelensky have provided significant openings, and Russia, on the other hand, continues Intensify the bombing To attack Donbass or the Italian media, ”he added.

De Mayo: “Negotiations? I see a mountain trail. “

“The real issue at this time is to renew the negotiations.” This was stated by the Minister of External Affairs. Luigi de Mayo, Talks about the Ukrainian war during a visit to Naples. “Turkey’s attempt to get Gelensky and Putin to talk, we must succeed, but I want to be honest: now I see Narrow and uphill road. However, we do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Thirty million tons of grain are still in Ukrainian ports blocked by Russian warships. Failure to pull that grain out of Ukrainian ports could lead to new wars, new coups, new terrorist events and, above all, large-scale migration from Africa to Europe, which we cannot afford. ”

Putin: “If Kiev has long-range missiles, we will hit new targets.”

If Western nations provide Himars systems to Kiev to launch long-range missiles, “we will create appropriate effects and use our own. Weapons of mass destructionAnd we have enough to hit the targets We haven’t hit it yetRussian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with state television Rosia-1. The United States has promised to supply four Himalayas precision rocket launchers to Ukrainian forces, but its range is limited to fifty kilometers.

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Russian opposition: “Heavy weapons will stabilize power balance in Kiev”

The Evolution of the Conflict in Ukraine “It depends a lot Come now In Western countries“. He said Gr1 Roy Anti-Russian Mikhail KodarkovskyYugos, a former president and founder of an oil company, has been living in exile in London for more than ten years. “If granted to Ukraine Heavy weapons, On the front, the relationship between the forces on the ground must be sustained and Putin must make a difficult decision: either sit at the negotiating table eagerly or admit that this war will swallow him up. If the West does not provide these weapons, we will see fierce fighting near Kiev, ”he explains.

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