War in Ukraine, live – Pentagon against Putin: “It justifies violence, it is degeneration”. Odessa, curfew order comes into effect in the first days of May

UN: “Russian missile attack on Kiev is not personal news to Guterres”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres did not consider the Russian missile strikes on Kiev during his visit yesterday, in which 10 people were injured, as personal news. “Antonio Guterres did not see this as an attack on him or disrespectful to him, but to the people of Kiev,” said Farhan Hugh, a UN spokesman in New York.

Pentagon: “Putin justifies his own violence, he is a bad guy”

The Pentagon has condemned Vladimir Putin’s “fraud.” “It is difficult to see what his forces are doing in Ukraine, it is difficult to think of an individual, a leader who can justify them. It is degenerate,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, adding that the United States would continue to “support Ukraine.”

“Slow progress of the Russians in the Donbass”

Russia “is a few days Of lateAs for its plans for progress in the region Donbass. Pentagon sources said, recording “how slowly and erratically the Russians are advancing.” In addition, sources say that a dozen aircraft of new weapons and military equipment sent by the United States to Kiev forces are expected to arrive in Ukraine in the next 24 hours. These include “phoenix ghost” drones, artillery and radar. These included the nearly 24 aircraft in the region that carried mines, missiles, small-scale ammunition, helmets and body armor, as well as weapons that arrived in the last 24 hours.

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Deputy Mayor Mariupol: “Russians are targeting Marinka”

“The enemy is trying to destroy the city with artillery and attack MarinkaThis was announced by the Deputy Mayor of Mariupol Peter Andreuschenko.

Peskov: “Putin-Zhelensky meeting?” I’ll tell you soon “

Russia is preparing for the G20 in Indonesia, but “it is In advance“Tell me if there is a place Encounter Between two Putin And President of Ukraine Vlodomyr Zelensky, Invitation to attend the Summit. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov answered questions from reporters. Tax Peskov recalled that the Kremlin leader had spoken by phone with the Indonesian president yesterday about whether Putin would attend the summit in person or in practice. Joko Widodo. “They had a very positive conversation – Peskov said – Putin congratulated the Indonesian president on the G20 victory and promised that Russia would do everything necessary.”

UK: “Russian mass mobilization on May 9”

Vladimir Putin Can announce “A mass mobilizationOf the Russians May 9, The day Moscow celebrates the victory over Nazism. At least according to a hypothesis developed on LBC Radio Dave Ben Wallace, Minister of Defense of the British Government by Boris Johnson. Tsar could declare that “Russia is now at war again with the Nazis around the world and that its people need mass mobilization,” Wallace dared, however, believing that Putin had so far “almost failed.” It is necessary to help Kiev to “inspire” its motives in Ukraine and its counter-attack.

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Novaya Gazeta Europe blocked in Russia

RoscomnatzorRussia’s government agency, which handles media control and censorship, said on its website Novaya Gazeta Europe Russia’s detention following allegations by the Attorney General’s office against an independent newspaper calling Ukrainian troops “false information” about the invasion of Ukraine. Kremlin. The company said Interfox Citing Roscomnets’ response to his request for information. In Russia, the government has stepped up censorship by suppressing the independent media and increasingly stifling press freedom. And a “in March.Oral law“It’s up to 15 years in prison for disseminating information about the armed forces that should be mistaken by the Russian authorities.” Novaya Gazeta Europe was founded by some Novaya Gazeta journalists who left Russia. The independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, directed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitry Muradov, was forced to suspend operations at the end of March.

Biden: “My request for funding has been approved”

“It simply came to our notice then Financial request There is Approved As fast as possible “. The US President writes it Joe Biden On Twitter about the $ 33 billion loan that Congress asked to help Ukraine. “If we do not help the Ukrainians defend their country, we will stand by the Russians’ continued atrocities and aggression,” the president underlined.

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The curfew order was strengthened in Odessa

There is one in Odessa Strengthened the curfew order In caseEighth Anniversary From Assassination Inside House of Trade UnionsThere they died 40 people. This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. Yevhen YeninAccording to the company UNIAN“To prevent provocations”.
During the curfew, which starts at 10 pm on Sunday, May 1 and ends at 5 am on Tuesday, May 11, it is prohibited to drive on the road and in other public places without special permits and certificates. On May 2, 2014, several pro-Russian protesters were killed in a fire at the Odessa House of Trade Unions after violent armed clashes with supporters of the new Ukrainian trend. Every year, on May 2, there were several efforts in memory of the victims.

Russian plane intercepted by NATO warplane in Baltic and Black Sea

Russian plane They were Interrupted “Many times in the past Four days“From Hunting From Was born Used in regions Baltic He was born Black Sea Near Allied airspace. NATO Air Command said in a statement that Russian planes had never entered Allied airspace and that “interceptions were conducted in a safe and orderly manner.”

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