War in Ukraine, live – Putin: “Remove barriers in Minsk to prevent wheat”. NGO: “Commander of the operation fired”

Gen. Zidko, Diornikov’s successor

Has been reported on land for a few days in the Mariupol area. Probably public Gen. Jitko He warmed up his machines before ordering Russian operations in Ukraine. On the last path that seems uncertain through the revolving doors of a military administration, two months after the general is appointed, he will accept the leadership of the troops. Alexander Dvornikov, Ruthless methods earned him the nickname “Syrian Butcher”. The handover is currently being reported by independent military analysts, according to which it may also be the result of a planned “cycle”. But if it is confirmed, at the turn of a hundred days, it will give the idea of ​​an attack that will still travel in sight.
Zidko, the former commander of the Eastern Military District and the current Deputy Minister of Defense for Political Affairs, is considered a trusted man by President Vladimir Putin. A native of Uzbek descent, 56, he gained experience as an army commander in Damascus in 2016: he, too, has no experience in hot conflict zones. However, by his side, he also has an important curriculum as a military organizer. Returning to Moscow, in fact, he began to deal with the propaganda and mobilization of the military, with the aim of strengthening the recruitment of the new generation of young people: a “political” mind in the service of the armed forces. The Commander-in-Chief was awarded the prestigious Golden Star Award for Hero of Russia Valery Gerasimov It stands out among “creative-minded military leaders” who have led to “extraordinary” initiatives. Moscow now has the potential to bring dowry to the campaign, which is said to last a few days and instead become a new Afghanistan.

Letta: “Peace that is not complete is better than war”

“We push for peace, even a silence Is not entirely correct, Because incomplete just peace is better than war. The continuation of the war must be a catastrophe and the greatest speed on our part. But to do this, politicians must forget about opinion polls. If political leaders and parties think and act about elections in the matter of life and death, peace or war, it means the end of good politics. It is necessary to act on the basis of principles and values, which will ultimately succeed, “said the Democratic secretary. Enrico LettaDuring an attempt at Fabriano with party mayoral candidate Daniela Gerco.

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Read: “Russia Becomes Like Iran and North Korea”

“I seriously believe that one of the reasons why Putin made the worst mistake of the war was the confidence of Europe It cannot be together. It was a mistake that claimed tens of thousands of lives, but a mistake that should be paid for by an entire generation of Russians. By doing what Russia did with Putin, Russia has kept itself in the same position as it was for many years.IranThe North Korea, Although Russia is a beacon of world culture. But why did Putin do it? Because he thought that Europe and the West would never be together and that they would never be united. This was stated by the Secretary of the Democratic Party. Enrico LettaDuring an attempt at Fabriano with party mayoral candidate Daniela Gerco.

Letta: “Orban is doing a bad job for Putin in Europe”

“It simply came to our notice then Veto right, This is the opinion of the sovereigns. This is the logic behind the Hungarian PM’s veto Victor OrbanIt has become Putin’s best ally in Europe Dirty work To Putin in Europe. Urban has always exercised its veto right against every public decision taken by Europe against the public interest. ” This was stated by the Secretary of the Democratic Party. Enrico LettaDuring an attempt at Fabriano with party mayoral candidate Daniela Gerco.

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Zhelensky: “One hundred days ago we woke up to a different reality.”

“Eight years later there are three words we fought for a hundred days: Peace, Success, UkraineThis is the message of the President Volodymyr Zhelensky In a video posted on social media on the 100th day of the Russian invasion. “Exactly one hundred days ago we all woke up to a different reality. In 2014, Russia brought us the word ‘war’. On February 24th, he added” full-scale war. ” Important and all must be remembered today “, says Zhelensky at the beginning of the long video, in which he mentions”Our heroesThose who have been defending our state since the night of February 24 ”, received aid from abroad, including weapons.

Timmermans: “It is unacceptable that Hungary is blocking sanctions”

“I was expecting an agreement, but I found it Unacceptable Hungary, with all we have given, is blocking it. ” This was stated by Franz Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission on Green Agreement and Climate Change. Sky Tg24 Live In Hungary’s request should be rejected Russian Patriot Grill From the list of EU sanctions, the sixth package called for the slowing down of agreements and opened talks with Budapest.

Timmermans: “By the end of the year, oil from Russia was reduced by 90%”

“We will get it by the end of this year 90% reduced “I hope it will succeed,” said the EU, which has decided to “ban oil imports from Russia” and “ban” the Confederacy over the invasion of Ukraine. “ Franz TimmermansInterview during the broadcast Live in From The sky Tg24. “At the same time, the EU has taken into account the specific problems of Hungary and Slovakia,” Timmermans said. He added that member states had “agreed that there would be a reduction even in oil coming through the land, and Poland had promised Germany.”

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Reuters: “A photographer and a cameraman were injured”

I am a photographer Alexander Ermoshenko And cinematographer Pavel Klimov Of journalists Reuters The international agency said on its website that the wounded were in Ukraine. Both sustained minor injuries and opened fire while traveling on the Russian-controlled road between Severodonetsk and Rubizhne. The statement said, “Journalists were boarding the vehicle Russian-backed separatists And is guided by a person appointed by him. The driver was killed “.

Putin: “Remove barriers in Minsk to remove wheat barrier”

Reports that Russia is blocking wheat exports “Blurred“Western nations cover up their political mistakes,” Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Broadcasting Corporation Rosia-1. “If anyone wants to solve the problem of Ukrainian grain exports, the simplest way By Belarus. No one is blocking it. But for that, sanctions on Belarus must be lifted, ”he said.

Putin: “Mariupol and Berdyansk ports ready to open grain”

Russia is ready to provide ports Like Mariupol And Berdyansk To prevent grain exports to Ukraine. Vladimir Putin made this statement in an interview with state television Rosia-1Company Report Interfox. “The ports of the Sea of ​​Azov, Berdyansk and Mariupol are under our control, and we are ready to guarantee uncontrolled export of Ukrainian grain through those ports,” the Kremlin chief said. “It simply came to our notice then Demining work. Ukrainian troops planted three-story tunnels there, and the work was almost complete. We will build the necessary logistics, ”he explained.

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