War in Ukraine, the first interruption of gas flow by “Russian forces operations”. Stop being offered from other points

The first interruption of visitors Russian gas To war-torn Europe Ukraine. The Obstacles They have nothing to do with this: the shutdown was decided by the operator of the Ukrainian Gas Transfer System GtsouHe was informed that he had to be suspended Flows Incoming from the entrance Sokronivka As a result of the “operations of the Russian occupation forces”. In fact, the path goes through the compression station Novopskov Passes Donbass And the Russians, society blames Minus A portion of the gas in transport (which is precisely assumed to be assigned to separatist areas). It’s dangerous. ” Stability And this Security The whole gas transportation system, “says Kiev. So decided to call Forced rule Stop traffic after reporting problems related to the presence of troops from Moscow to “Cosprom again”.

Nearly one-third of flights to Europe via Ukraine pass through the Novopkov border station: up to 32 million cubic meters Per day. Second accordingly Yuri Vitrenko, Top in the Ukrainian state hydrocarbon company NaphthokasIn the absence of Russia goods will fall Redirects Gas at the compressor station SutjaAlso in correspondence with the northern and Kiev-controlled territories (See the map above) ”Flow exchange is not required No additional cost from the Russian side There are no technical barriers to such an operation, ”the Gtsou report underscores. “In this way Russia will be able to maintain traffic through Ukraine and fulfill its obligations to its European partners.”

Russian team Cosprom – According to it traffic always went “Without hassle“And the share of the compromised goods is not one-third but one-fourth of the total – in words it is Rejected This option to the sender, however, shows that the initial data on the flow shows higher volumes through the second station in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

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At present, the Italian organization has not recorded a slowdown in attendance, he said, “thanks to the interconnection of networks and the diversification of import sources.” Snum. It appears to be flowing from data published in real time on its site In Darwisio they are declining Compared to Tuesday: Approximately 1.6 million standard cubic meters I. against an hour 2.4 Yesterday morning. But they are partly offset by the high budget Grease bass (From Norway and the Netherlands), arriving at 2.1 million cubic meters at 1.5 am on Tuesday, and Masara del Vallo (From Algeria, 2.6 vs 2.8 MSm3). So at present the demand is satisfied and the work of injecting gas continues Storage. The Prices In the first exchanges in Amsterdam, the reference square for Europe, they surpassed 100 euros per megawatt hour Reached 103, up 4% compared to Tuesday. Then they fell back to 93 euros.

Mario Tracy During a bilateral meeting with the US President at the White House Joe Biden He reiterated, “There is a need Price ceiling Gas on a European scale “. Proposal by Italy, Spain And Portugal Already during the Council of Europe at the end of March, it failed to cross the veto Northern European countriesDespite the strong negotiating power of the European Union, he feared retaliation from Moscow. Is the largest importer of its gas by far. Madrid and Lisbon are gone Forward alone, the so-called strong The Iberian exception Both countries are connected by the fact that they generate a high percentage of electricity from sources RenewableThanks to bad energy connections and divisions with other European networks Recirculators They are not dependent on pipe imports. Rome continues Stop the emergency for families and businesses with temporary help.

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