War is always unjust

Pope Francis in connection with the video with the Patriot Grill – Vatican News

This is the first time since the beginning of the war in Ukraine A connection between Pope Francis and the Russian patriot Grill. The video conference meeting was held yesterday afternoon, attended by Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, and Volokolamskin Metropolitan Hillary, Head of the Department of External Relations of Patriarchy. The news was immediately released from Moscow, in a concise and contradictory tone. A few hours later, the Vatican edition arrived, with more clear quotations from the Bishop of Rome: some of his statements were coincidental with the grill (“Pope agrees”, “agrees with the Patriots”).

At the heart of the conversation was a Vatican note explaining “the role of Christians and their pastors in doing everything possible to bring about war and peace in Ukraine.” Francis continues the statement, “Thanks to the patriots for this meeting, as shepherds of their people, they should be inspired by the desire to mark the path to peace and pray for the gift of peace so that the fire will be stopped.” Here are some quotes from the pope: “The Church – he agreed with the Patriots – should not use the language of politics, but the language of Jesus”.

Then (without Grill “acknowledging”): “We are shepherds of the same holy people who believe in God, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Mother of God: for this we must unite in an effort to help peace, to help those who are suffering, to find ways for peace, to stop the fire.” Both are underlined, “the statement said. And he. Dies. ”As pope pastors – the pope continued – we have a duty to help closely all the people affected by the war. Once upon a time there was talk in our churches of a holy war or just war. Can’t talk like that today. Christian awareness has grown about the importance of peace. ”

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Finally, according to the Vatican note, the pope “agrees” with the leadership on the fact that “churches are called to contribute to the strengthening of peace and justice” (although even here there does not seem to be “integration”). As follows: “Wars are always unjust. Because the giver of God’s people, children, slain women, and all those who have suffered in the war cannot help but weep our hearts. War is never the way.

The patriarchal statement, for its part, “underscored the extraordinary importance of the current negotiation process and expressed the hope that a just peace would be achieved as soon as possible.”. In addition, Moscow had “a detailed discussion of the situation on Ukrainian soil”. “Particular attention was paid to the humanitarian aspects of the current crisis and the actions of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church in dealing with its consequences.” And “Some current issues of bilateral cooperation were also discussed.”

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