War Russia Ukraine, former Gosprom manager: “So we created fake news for the Kremlin. Putin? They will do anything to overthrow it”

“I looked at the kitchen from the inside and I knew how it worked.” He said this in an interview with Republic Igor VolobuThe former manager of Gazprom mentions the propaganda machine Kremlin. Volobuev, 50, lives in Kiev. Escaped from E In early March, he left half his life in Russia and a comfortable chair. “Inside Cosprom I was in charge of teaching thereInformation policy“Volobuev explains that their profession is to carry out propaganda activities.”Against the whole of Ukraine, Russia is the most important country for gas transportation. The control center is always in the office of the president. One of those who pulled the rope Alexei Chromov (Putin’s Vice President and Campaign Officer, ed.). The main purpose of the press service I was in charge of during the 2008-2009 gas war was to prove that Ukrainian factories have a very high failure rate and that Kiev did not invest in modernization, and therefore it was cheap. Pass them. A way to discredit Ukraine and remove its status as a major transport nation.

Orders to spread these fake news “CEO of Gosprom, Alexei Miller. Received directly from them Kremlin. We gave the operation the guise of economic conflict, and in fact the gas war was the result of problems with the Russian leadership in Kiev. ” What kind of problems? “The Orange Revolution, Victor Yushchenko In power, the desire to join NATO “in the current Russian campaign, says Volobuev”They lie all the time. They say Ukrainian troops are bombing cities, and the Russian people believe it. We must never forget the basic rule: any information from official Russian sources is, in fact, a lie until proven otherwise. “

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The former Gazprom manager reveals: “When I worked there I learned that millions of dollars had been invested in bribery.Investigative agents‘We have to spread pro-government sentiment in the media. Obviously, the same algorithm is now in place. ” And he adds: “Inside Casoprom And inside Cosprombank There are those who know that all this will lead Russia to disaster. The more united Europe is in the pressure, the faster they will give up. He Selfish groups? Putin threatened them after their arrest Kondorkovsky They understood the lesson. However, if the EU continues to block them from entering the border, they will soon begin to do something to lift it.

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