Washington trolley killer jailed: Fifth victim found

WASHINGTON – An abandoned supermarket trolley near Union Station in central Washington, a stone’s throw from Capitol Hill. Inside, a woman’s corpse covered with cloth and in a decomposed state. Authorities have no doubt: she is the fifth victim of a serial killer now known as the ‘shopping cart killer’.

Anthony Robinson, 35, African American, has had his cell since the end of November. He was incarcerated in a prison in Rockingham, Virginia, where he is already charged with the deaths of two women whose bodies were found in a plastic bag placed in a cart abandoned in the bush outside the city of Alexandria. The same fate of the other two girls disappeared in the same way and is always found in Virginia outside of Washington. All were 29 to 54 years old, including a pregnant woman and a mother of six. After the fifth victim 40 people were found, there are fears the list could go on and on.

Not much is known about Robinson’s personal life, homeless and made up of odd jobs between New York and Washington. However, investigators have re-created his criminal plan. He lured victims through some online dating sites, his favorite Canadian “Plenty of Fish”, giving dates on the internet and luring them to some motels. Here he would have hit his prey, made them lose consciousness and then hid them and taken them to the supermarket trolleys. It is common to see those trolleys moving around the homeless, especially in times of epidemics in American cities, where they use them as a means of transportation for the little things left over.

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Finally, even in the body found near the station in the US capital, after an online meeting, investigators found that Robinson was the last person the victim contacted by mobile phone. The last traces of the two, through data from telephone cells, are taken while they are in Washington, D.C., taking the subway out of the District of Columbia, Virginia.

The convicted serial killer should avoid injecting the electric chair or death if convicted. Last March, in fact, the Democratic governor Ralph Northm Signed into law making Virginia the twenty-third U.S. state to abolish the death penalty.

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