We expect reserves and we will have no problems

“Italy – underlined Singolani – is working to quickly sign agreements with other countries that can quickly convert approximately 29 billion cubic meters of gas we import each year from Russia”.

De Mayo: “We need a ceiling on gas prices, the EU is brave”

– “According to Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo, the ceiling on gas prices is urgently needed. We in Italy are listening to it strongly and we will move forward with great determination. There can be no hesitation. We are at a critical juncture for all Europe and the EU must show courage.

“We must move quickly and decisively to protect the competitiveness of Italian families and our businesses. Sections or vetoes cannot be tolerated and Europe must work together. Italian businesses and citizens cannot afford this international crisis,” de Mayo said. , Who is involved in strengthening our energy partnership with Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Gosprom announces conversion to ruble for European customers

– After ordering a new system of the Kremlin, Gazprom began to announce to customers that the new gas tariff mechanism will provide technical indications, which will make it mandatory to convert tariffs into rubles. The Russian state-owned gas group announced on its Telegram channel that “as a Russian company, Gazprom is unconditionally and fully subject to Russian law” but “will continue to export gas safely to a responsible partner and customer.”

EU sources: “Governments have no ruble for gas”

– European governments are united in rejecting Vladimir Putin’s threat to pay in rubles for gas supplies, and are considering what the Kremlin’s real motives are in this regard. This is what was learned in Brussels from sources close to the document, which illustrate the uncertain and confusing context of the Russian mandate. EU ambassadors gathered to discuss the matter and from the meeting a clear signal emerged that agreements from all 27 sides should be observed and valued in the expected currencies of Euros or Dollars.

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Berlin thinks of nationalizing the German Gosprom and Rosneft

– Meanwhile, the German government may consider the expropriation and nationalization of the German branches of the Russian energy companies Gazprom and Rosneft to avoid bankruptcy. Handelsblatt writes it. These are facts that are not currently affected by sanctions, but as business partners and banks distance themselves from them, these seem to have growing problems.

As the German business newspaper explains, the government is thinking of bailing out through nationalization in the extreme case of avoiding “technological failure”. Both companies are currently considered irreplaceable in the German energy market: Gasprom Germany for gas plants and infrastructure, Rosneft Germany for petrol, diesel and refinery operator.

Former German President Schrder is on the board of the Russian Government Gas Commission

– And on the day Russian President Putin signed a new billion-dollar deal in Beijing to supply energy to China, Gosbrom announced that former German President Gerrard Schrder would take a seat on the board of directors.

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