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Laetitia James justifies this accusation: “Six raised the value of real estate assets”. His trial is parallel to that of his lawyer Brock, who is also exploring possible criminal implications

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New York New York State Attorney, Leticia James, Donald Trump formalizes allegations against the clan. On Tuesday evening, January 18, he filed documents in court against the Trump organization Increasing the value of six real estate properties. It’s a Civil law case, So there are no criminal charges.

Last December, James had already invited the former president and his children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, from the Imperio (Sappona). In response, the group’s lawyers reprimanded the lawyer, arguing that he was acting “for political purposes.” Leticia James, 63, was elected to the post along with the Democrats. He has been running for governor in recent months, but has since resigned.

His trial runs parallel to that of New York District Attorney Alvin Brock, who sees almost the same financial dealings, but With potential criminal consequences. James says Trump’s caste is overestimated. “In a fraudulent and misleading wayAssets, insurance and tax deductions for easy refinancing of bank loans. The list also includes two Westchester County golf clubs in New York and Scotland; A building on Wall Street and the same New York house as Donald & Melania’s penthouse in Trump Tower in Manhattan.
From financial and banking documents, for example, it appears that Trombian accountants The Aberdeenshire Golf Club in Scotland is valued at $ 435 million, Says there are 2,500 luxury homes on the campus and actually 1,500 holiday apartments. Or in 2015, the Trump organization cited the $ 735 million value of the tower at 40 Wall Street. But one of the lenders decided that its value was 257. Finally, the three-level penthouse in the Trump Tower.

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As of 2012, Trump declared an area of ​​2,787 square meters, the actual size being 1,021 square meters. The location, “fraudulently added”, brought the apartment’s valuation to $ 373 million, compared to a very reasonable value of $ 200 million. The lawyer reached these results mainly thanks to the investigation Alan Weiselberg, 74, is the Trump family’s “accountant.”. For 46 years this figure was unknown in the narrow circle of New York business. Shadow and Power until February 27, 2019. That day, former attorney Michael Cohen was called to testify before Donald Trump’s “Pit Bull” on the House Oversight Board. Televisions broadcast live the event, which at the time was said to be the “beginning of the end” for the president, who was besieged by all sorts of accusations. Cohen talked a lot about his former boss, but above all he questioned a particular Weiselberg thirty times. Delegates exchanged questions: Who is he? And this Director of Finance, Holding Company Cohen said all the activity went through his desk. From the most ambitious and demanding to the most embarrassing, like the idea of ​​building the Trump Tower in Moscow (which was never built). For example, just days before the 2016 election, a $ 130,000 check issued to former porn star Stormy Daniels had the signatures of Wesselberg and Donald Jr., the former president’s eldest son. Chairman, completed in 2005. In front of the television, in his New York office, a man was listening intently. That’s Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. He began investigating the Trump organization in 2018 and, of course, was well aware of Weiselberg’s role. From that moment the criminal investigation began, and from January 1, 2022 the new head of the New York Attorney General was sent to Brock.

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