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From Giuseppe Sarcina, Guido Olimpio, Paolo Foschi

News Wednesday, May 25, live about the shooting at Rob Elementary School in Wolverhampton, Texas.

On Wednesday, May 24, at noon, an 18-year-old man opened fire Rob Elementary School, A large campus with about 600 students in Texas: At first 14 people were rumored to have died, but the number of hours to go was getting worse. The shooter was killed

நபர் The person responsible for the attack
Salvador Ramos, A high school student who is part of the school campus. Before the assassination, the young man shot his grandmother: a 66-year-old man in critical condition
The Uvalde Massacre is one of the most serious at a school in the United States. Further Worse than ColumbineIn 1999.
Armed attacks on schools, the long path of blood that has plagued the United States since 1966: here is the list The most horrific massacres in recent years

05:33 – Ramos sent photos of the gun to a friend a few days ago

Salvador Ramos had sent a former classmate photos of a few days of shooting with weapons and ammunition. The same ex-comrade on CNN said it. He sent me a photo of Arin used with ammunition, saying the killer was being teased by other high school students for the clothes he was wearing and his family’s economic situation.

05:00 – Obama: The country paralyzed by the arms lobby

Our country is paralyzed not by fear, but by the armed lobby and the political party that is not ready to take action to prevent these tragedies. Former President Barack Obama spoke out about the Texas Elementary School massacre. Michelle and I are with the family of Wolde. But we also get angry. The time to act on any kind of action has expired.

04:58 – The car crashed just before the killer entered the school

A Texas elementary school killer first shot his grandmother and then crashed into a car near Rob Elementary School. Some police sources on CNN reported that the killer got out of the car with a gun after the crash and tried to enter the school, underlining that some officers tried to stop him. The killer was able to enter the building where several more classes were shot.

04:49 – Number worsens: 19 children, a teacher and a killer die

The number of massacres at an elementary school in Wolde, Texas is getting worse. The dead included a total of 21 people, including 19 children and two adults (one teacher and the killer were killed by police). CNN News has published.

03:31 – The killer wrote on Instagram: I …

Just hours before the massacre at Wolde Elementary School in Texas, the killer sent a secret message to an unknown woman on Instagram in which she said: About me … the American media underlined it. Instagram Salvador Ramos was called `salv8dor_. On his account, his name was blocked immediately after it was released, and he posted a selfie and other photos of the weapons, two guns side by side. To the message I’m going to send at 5.43am on Tuesday …, the woman replied: What ?. The killer replied: I say before 11 p.m. An hour later he wrote to her again: I have a little secret I want to tell you. He last texted the woman at 9.16.

03:25 am – In 2018, a plot to assassinate another school failed in Uvalde.

In Texas, there is an almost predicted bad prototype for a shooting in the same town, Wolde. In 2018, police arrested two teenagers, aged 13 and 14, who were inspired by two of the perpetrators of the Columbine massacre and thwarted a plot to assassinate a school in the city. Initially the two wanted to launch an attack on April 20, the anniversary of the Columbine massacre, in 2022, the year they graduate. Then one of them made the other active in the same year at Morales Junior High School where the 14-year-old boy was studying. They stole weapons from neighbors, detonated bombs at the start of the attack, hunted down students on their list, and then blindly attacked others, intending to take their own lives. But one of the school students found out about the project and lodged a complaint with the school administration, who informed the police. Both were inspired by Columbine murderers Eric Harris and Dylan Cleopold and were enough to call themselves by those names.

02:59 am – In 2015 the Governor of Texas called for more weapons

I’m ashamed. Texas is the second largest buyer of new weapons after California. Texans We are increasing the speed. Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s 2015 tweet reappeared just hours after the shooting at Wolde Elementary School. Abbott’s visit to Houston on Friday is expected to be part of the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association, a powerful U.S. arms lobby.

02:49 – Biden: I’m tired, we have to act on the weapons

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I’m tired, we have to act on weapons. Joe Biden was speaking to Americans after an 18-year-old man killed 18 children at a Texas elementary school. The idea that an 18-year-old man could go into a store and buy a gun was wrong.

And, again: why aren’t these shootings happening in other parts of the world? Why do we want to live with these massacres? Time to turn pain into action and act on the arms. As a nation, we must ask ourselves in the name of God when we will oppose the arms lobby. The president spoke with the first lady on his side, Jill Biden.

02:42 am – The killer was wearing a black jacket

The Texas school killer was wearing a black jacket. The U.S. media reported this, citing some sources close to investigators.

02:35 am – Recent count: 18 children and a teacher killed

According to the latest updated figures, 18 children and a teacher were killed in the attack. Even the dead killer.

02:12 – Attack two days before the end of the school year

The school year is over for students in Uvalde, Texas. Brief statement from police on the shooting at Rob Elementary School: All operations in the area have been suspended. The killer was attacked two days before the end of the school year, which was due to end on Thursday.

02:07 am – Police confirm the death of Salvador Ramos, convicted of murder.

Police have confirmed the death of Salvador Ramos, who wrote about the massacre at Wolde School.

02:03 am – Dallas Cowboys condolence message

In several condolence messages, the Dallas Cowboys, the American football team wrote on its official Twitter profile: The entire organization of the Dallas Cowboys is in mourning with the Wolde community and all the people affected by the tragic event. Today. As we mourn the loss of innocent lives, our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims, loved ones, teachers and staff of Rob Elementary.

01:42 – Kamala Harris: Too much, we need to have the courage to act

The President and I are closely monitoring the situation. While we do not know all the details, we do know that parents who lost children, families who lost children and many more were injured. US Vice President Kamala Harris has commented on the massacre at Rob Elementary School in Wolverhampton, Texas. Whenever such a tragedy happens, our heart breaks but they are nothing compared to the broken hearts of those families. Still, it continues to happen, he explained. This is too much. We must have the courage to act as a nation and see to it that nothing like this happens.

01:30 – Senator Guterres on CNN: 18 children and three adults die

Texas Senator Roland Guterres told CNN that state rangers told him the number of shootings at the Uvalde school was higher than previously reported: 21, 18 children and three adults.

01:16 – Biden: School shooting, meaningless act of violence in Texas

Meaningless act of violence. US President Joe Biden has commented on the Wolde school massacre. The U.S. president has ordered the flags of the White House, federal buildings and military positions to be flown at half-mast until Saturday.

11.50pm – School shooting and child murder in Texas

Eighteen children and three adults. An unspecified number of people were injured, including two policemen. Some are in critical condition. A new shooting, the first count of a new American massacre, is unfortunately temporary. This time it happened at an elementary school in Wolde, a rural Texas village between San Antonio and the Mexican border. (The full article by reporter Giuseppe Sarcina is here)

May 25, 2022 (alternate May 25, 2022 | morning 05:35)

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