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The president, a successful former actor, became the true soul of the opposition against the invasion of Moscow troops. Now he has become a national hero

Have the courage to be Volodymyr Zhelensky. Whenever he goes out to the courtyard of his Kiev bunker to take video-selfie, There is a risk that a Russian missile will burn it. Whenever he calls the Russian president a madman, a criminal, a new Hitler, he gets angry.Kremlin tenant Even more. Each time he points to the Western laziness of those who do not want to guarantee an area not to fly in the Ukrainian sky, opponents and non-combatants, he hurts the leaders of the only countries he can offer. A hand.

Zhelensky, like the rest of the country, had beards and dark circles of victims who played a key role in surviving the two-week war.. If he had acted like Ashraf Ghani in Kabul last August, if he had accepted the passage provided by the Americans, if he had not entered the Ukrainian mobile phones several times a day with his anti-corporate messages, The story would have been different. Now we are here to judge Ukraine’s defeat by bomb. Why should it go, according to Moscow and according to almost everyone Fragile Ukraine Political battles, scandals, streams established by the funding of oligarchy rather than ideas. Rather Zhelensky was, He was an actor, without even the muscles of the gym, raised his head. No one betrayed him and no one questioned his leadership. He was killed, expelled today, and his legend will survive him. For this reason, the Russian negotiating team is considering removing him from office, but in accordance with Moscow’s terms. Zhelensky must have bent over to bring down Ukraine.

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The actor became president because he played the role of a professor who was elected president on television for a video that was stolen in a viral classroom on social media. Zhelensky has kept the country together because his videos have gone viral. From imaginary success to real, very high ratings. The president with the military green shirt has a team of excellent ghost writers, a team that oversees his social travels worthy of an award every day, but above all he has the courage to become Zelensky. Man or character does not matter, now either. Healthy, emotional, straightforward, one of us. No brain, no luxury, no Scrooge, His charm as a normal human being Does the right, heroic thing at the crucial moment. There is no political school that teaches you to be Jelensky, you have to be born there.

Just yesterday President Zhelensky became an actor, diplomat and Tribune. In the morning, as the snow fell, Videotaped her, The front camera of the mobile phone, and the emptiness that he complains about because he is in Ukraine times this spring, but – and the blink of an eye out of the metaphor – we will succeed. Diplomatic moment at lunch time. In an interview with American television ABCVladimir Putin said he was ready to discuss Putin’s demands. All: Donbass, Crimea and NATO members. But I am ready for conversation, not for surrender He clarified. We can see a compromise on the occupied territories during this invasion and on the pseudo-republics of Donbass that are not recognized by anyone other than Russia. It is up to us to decide how these areas should live. And the possibilities for joining the Zelensky Atlantic Alliance, as always. I realized that and cooled the thing a long time ago NATO does not want to accept Ukraine. So, to save lives, to stop carnage, to restore peace, it can be put in black and white.

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In the evening, the jurisprudence moment for the heroic president came on video link with the British Parliament. Like any screenwriter he was greatly inspired by Shakespeare and Churchill. We have chosen to exist and live between what is and what is not. We will fight to the end, By sea and land. We will fight in the woods, in the fields, on the roads. The classroom stood up and complimented him. Majority and opposition won outright and Westminster Slava shouted Ukraine, glory to Ukraine.

March 9, 2022 (March 9, 2022 | 02:00)

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