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A scandal engulfed a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where A Anesthesiologist stuck during Abuse Sexually A girl pregnant who was in the delivery room for a caesarean section. From Brazil, a video of a scene of violence against a heavily sedated woman has gone viral around the world.

Unsuspecting colleagues took advantage of the coverage someone provided, even if they were doing their job Curtain surgery Covering the patient’s face from the rest of her body, the man pulled out his penis and slipped it into the poor victim’s mouth. The video that sent shockwaves around the world lasts only a few seconds, but hospital reports speak of a prolonged attack Almost ten minutes. It’s sad that nobody notices anything at this point in time. The reality is that an anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Becella32, was arrested on charges of rape.

The crucial footage was captured by a hidden camera the hospital had installed for some time to follow the anesthesiologist, as many of his patients often fainted from overdoses. Police are investigating whether the man had previously been subjected to such violence during a caesarean section or other surgery.

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