What if Omigron detects 90 percent of the vaccine? Here’s how Portugal rejected the variation

Portugal Against United States. This is not a sports challenge. But there is still a comparison between the two countries with different vaccination rates. The first is more than 90% of the population United States 62% This difference, according to American researcher Eric Topol, leads Portuguese hospitals to bear the brunt of the epidemic, especially over time. Different Omigron, When people in the United States begin to suffer.

Ban on Omigron and Portugal

In Portugal – according to the researcher – the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing significantly. In fact, Portugal has been reporting the highest number of infections by the virus since March 2020, according to data from “He in the World Data”. However, the benefits of the policy adopted by the Lisbon government “emerge” from the death toll, which is clearly declining compared to other wave data.

Later, the researcher also focused on hospital admissions data for patients with Govit-19 disease. In this case, Topol wanted to compare the situation in the United States and Portugal. In the first country, 62% of the total population is vaccinated and 21% of the population has a booster dose, making it the highest hospital rate. However, taking into account the vaccination data of Portugal, 90% of the population with full regulation and 34% of the population with a booster dose were able to better control the Omigran variant, the number of deaths and the number of hospital admissions.

Deaths and Hospitals

Dobolin’s study shows that people who have been vaccinated against Govit-19 are more likely to resist the Omigran variant than those with lower vaccination rates. While it is true that the number of infections is still high, the effectiveness of vaccines in general can be seen in the number of deaths and the number of hospitalizations.

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WHO: We are beginning to see the end

Meanwhile, on Monday, the World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 said there was a “vision end” to the epidemic. However he warned that the next three months would be very difficult due to the spread of the Omicron variant. “We’m running a marathon, we’m not at the end, but we can start watching it. Before we reach the finish line, there will be some bumps to cross,” Dr David Nabaro told Sky News.

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