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They are first pointed out by numerous witnesses, such as looting, rape, and torture, from Buryatia on the border between Mongolia and Siberia.

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KHERSON OBLAST – “These are their bodies”. We said that Here After seeing the six bodies of soldiers killed a few days ago in front of the fire line near the village of Visokopilya.

From looking at their faces – or what was left of them – it was clear that they had almond-shaped eyes and that they were apparently not Russians.

When trying to attack Ukrainian trenches in broad daylight, of course, young boys under the age of 20 were killed. “Are they Puriatia?”The commander of the Ukrainian forces explained who we were with Embedded in the front row Using the expression referring to the Ukrainians coming Buryasia is a region on the border between Mongolia and Siberia. We have stated from the evidence collected from the IDPs from the Kherson area Here And Here“Puriatians” emerge Looting, destroying, raping, torturing and killing Ukrainians in the occupied territories. Survivors said the same thing Pucha massacres.

Beyond the countless controversies born on Pucha caseIn order to invade Ukraine, it is necessary to insist on recruiting Kremlin men and “new forces” to fight without asking too many questions and without being overpaid.

“Buryats” – according to Italian proverb – Mongolian people living between Russia (90%), Mongolia (9%) and China (1%). They represent The largest minority race in Siberia But most of it now resides Republic of BuryatiaRepublic of the Russian Federation, formed in 1994.

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After the annexation of Buryatia to Russia, Buryat culture came under the influence of Tibetan Buddhism and the Orthodox Church, and the Buryats of the western part of Lake Baikal and Olkon (Irkutsk Buryat) were subjected to the process of “ratification”. This led to the abandonment of the practices of nomadic and nomadic agriculture.

Traditionally, the Buryats were part of the Russian military. Already in 1766 they were organized into Special Forces (like the Cossacks) of 4 regiments, with which in 1851 they became part of the Cossack troops beyond Baikal.

Poor, Extremely poor, 17.9 percent of the population lives below the poverty line According to the latest data, it is not surprising that young Buryat men – even those as young as lying on the ground – have become cannon fodder for Moscow. When they landed – perhaps without even knowing why – it was not surprising that they became involved in the atrocities and “dirty work” that a section of the Russian military wanted to avoid. Tomorrow.

It should also be emphasized that the Puriats are not the only minority race in the Russian forces. In addition to the Chechens, there are reports of players from Abkhazia, Dagestan and Ossetia.

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