Who were the mercenaries hired to kill Zhelensky?

Mariupol opposes, thanks to a few thousand Ukrainian diehards, supported by the rest Azov Battalion, Became a regiment in 2016 after being placed in national custody Kiev And the process of uprooting neo-Nazi roots (not entirely successful). The yellow-blue flag still flies here and there when Russian missiles rain. This would be 3 thousand against 14 thousand invaders, a ratio of 3 to 1 between invaders and defenders would be enough to close the game. From the losses suffered by the Russians in the Ukrainian city of Tiyagi, it is understandable how far they can advance in the Donbass. Two commanders have died on that front, and this explains Putin’s assistance to Syrian mercenaries, Chechens and contractors. Wagner Group, Will change its name to La Liga.

Direct Ukraine, Kiev: Russia withdraws troops near the capital. Zhelensky: “We seek peace without delay”

War experts
In fact, that reference to Hitler’s favorite composer was flawed in destroying the Kremlin’s story of the so-called special military operation to annihilate Ukraine. In countries such as Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and the Sahel, warlords in Ukraine have paid to fight militancy, mercenaries, extremists and others. Deaths between military and civilian casualties carry a different media weight, especially in countries such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia. This is a well-paid professional risk and better than the dead not included in any statistics. Hundreds of mercenaries have already been killed in Ukraine. Wagner or Liga experts would have been sent unannounced to Kiev to assassinate Zhelensky, but so far they have not clearly succeeded. They were born under the wings of Moscow, Putin’s personal army.
Among the founders was Dmitry Utkin, a former Russian soldier with a Nazi tattoo. As a testament to their relationship with Jar, a photo shows them together with the Kremlin. But another founder, businessman Yevgeny Prikogin, is a friend of Putin, the head of the Russian Internet research firm that produces false flags and fakes. Is not the second aspect of the modern hybrid war. Wagner-Liga salaried buyers will be active around Kiev, but they also need experience at home guerrilla warfare in Mariupol and in insidious theaters in Syria, Libya or more recently (mockery of the French), foreign troops, flew home) and the Central African Republic. They are paid in dollars and rubles, but the group’s income comes from oil and mining. The Chechens of the ferocious Khadiro, who fought alongside the Russians, were first identified in Kiev, and later in Mariupol, in the shelters of armored vehicles, along with cartridges that hit windows with machine guns, thanks to the geo-location of his video-celebs. Homes of the besieged. Ruslan Jeremyev, a suspected Chechen trooper, was one of the suspects in the assassination of Boris Yeltsin’s deputy prime minister and Putin’s opponent Boris Nemtsov, who was assassinated in Moscow in 2015. The Russians and their mercenaries are advancing on the east-west axis. Nine out of ten buildings were destroyed, 2600 houses. The official death toll is more than 2187, but it could be ten times higher. The war, perhaps, was decided here, and it was natural to have elite troops and the most motivated. Like the more than a thousand guerrillas of the Azov Regiment, their ranks would have risen to thousands during the war.

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One of the bosses, Denise Prozubenko, released a video from the Mariupol trap on the best Slavic-nationalist traditions of Dynamo Kiev fans (like the butchers in the heads of the Yugoslav Krai of Belgrade Red Star supporters). Kadyrov presented her with a gift of $ 500,000. Another Azov general, Maxim Zorin, intervened from Kiev and condemned the fraudulent referendum in Putin’s occupied territories (40,000 deported to Russia under the Kiev government), vowing that Azov was no longer in contact with the neo-Nazis. The sole purpose is to preserve Ukraine and its integrity.

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