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After winning in London, the Russian Federtennis “led” the Kazakh organization by adopting: “Well, we won Wimbledon”. And from Astana: “You don’t trust her.”

“Our Product”. That’s how Russia defines new Wimbledon champion Elina Rybakina. The Moscow-born and raised player, who became Kazakh in 2018, was “celebrated” on Russian social media and media. No. 1 of Moscow Federtennis, said: “Great! Great Rybakina, we won Wimbledon. He was echoed by former world No. 1 Yevgeny Kafelnikov, who expressed his opinion on Twitter: “Buying something ready to use. A product from a top factory is something everyone knows how to do…”.

In short, a real dispute between Russia and Kazakhstan. The tennis player’s parents still live in Moscow, and after the victory she struggled to talk about Putin’s country: “It is very difficult to transition from junior to professional life – she told the Kazakh press after returning from London. -. We need a high-level team, and not everyone can achieve continuous success. Very few people do this, and I am very lucky for this. So no, I do not agree with Darbyshev’s phrase “.


Along with Rybakina, in a meeting with Kazakhstan media, Federtennis President Polsky was present, who argued with his Russian opponent: “If this victory is the product of Russia, why did they leave it like this? Easy? In 2018, when Elena came to us, Darbyshev had said that he did not consider himself a promising player. … However I would say that it is appropriate to stop this controversy, which has already been said too much “.

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