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You may have noticed something new Tg1 Looks like a tricolor version BBC Or of CNN? What happened to the flagpole Roy? Was the English-speaking variant taken to cause a good journalistic contagion for editorial staff? Was Public Service commissioned by Boris Johnson and Joe Biden? No, more simply, leaders have changed. Since driving Tg1 Is there Monica Macioni and Is Deputy Director Francesco Giorgino The way the news bulletin is conceived has revolutionized: the hateful pasterns are gone, that is, it is only good to see that useless fruit salads of political declarations abound for this and that little party, everywhere. Luigi de Mayo Much space was given to allies and foreigners who guided someone to define the messages of the old Giggi 1 administration.

Cross-border News – For example, in the 13.30 edition on January 4 alone, there was a double series of reports from Brussels, Germany, France and the United States; Even better, at 8pm on January 3, a third of the news was devoted to news coming from across the border: from Brussels, from South Africa, there was a fire in Parliament. An in-depth analysis of Israel, Iran and Suleiman’s Memorial Day, the devaluation of the Turkish lira from Turkey and the United States. Again, the 8pm edition of the January 5 edition was almost half-occupied by foreign news: Djokovic’s dual link with Beijing for an update on the Australian affair, then to Kazakhstan and then to Paris, London, Cape Town, Moscow and finally New York. The broad and comprehensive view of the world finally made it seem like a serious news broadcast. The focus is not only on looking at the navel, but also on telling Roman political messages, not only on reminding ourselves of how skilled we are at fighting or vaccinating between the majority and the opposition or the majority party and others. We need to be careful about the virus but we should not be afraid. Pop is okay though, try to reach all audiences and limit yourself to doing homework with simple language and basic messages, but do not limit the public service news program to a guide to good (and frivolous) advice and celebrating the wonderful. The fate of his own country and his own government, he can get tissues. There is more in heaven and on earth than you have agreed to in your authority.

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KY OFF The practical and symbolic breakthrough came, and it was no accident that Grilli was removed from Viale Mazzini’s classic platforms. With the November cleanup there was not a single pentastellado or pro-story led by one of the key factions of the Roy administration. Conte, therefore, threatened to withdraw his troops from the public service course. Not even an honest craftsman, Giuseppe Carponi, was close to the 5 stars who helmed Tg1 during the Grillism that ruled since 2018. It is said that the best government removes the best. Ratings. But sometimes uncomfortable with a cultural and informational decline. The greatest satisfaction for Maggioni and Giorgino was that despite the large share of Tg carboni they gradually developed their own work, eventually finishing higher than the percentage of their predecessors.

In the first three weeks of the Queen’s edition, that is, in 20 hours, degrilled Tg1 traveled an average of 22.7%, rising to 23.8% in the last three weeks (Giorgino was appointed deputy director shortly before Christmas, with no one knowing what to do). If we compare the last ten days of Carbony Tg1 with the last ten days of Maggioni we get other interesting results: the old tiggì closed with an average of 23.8, while the new tiggì is at 25. In short. , the development lies in the scale and quality of the plays. Indications that Tg1 and viewers are doing great benefits by removing toxins from Rocco, Giggi, Giuseppi and Beppe, i.e. the model that led to the renaming as TeleCasalino or TeleConte. Let us convince ourselves: this time Befana brought beautiful gifts to Roy, no longer Carbony.

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