Work, threats, blame: This is how Putin sees the new “spies.”

Russian Tsar Vladimir Putin is coming with someone more than the devil. In fact, quite secretly, some agents of his intelligence are trying to recruit. EstoniaNew Spies In the service of the Kremlin they will be useful for the Ukrainian conflict. Exposed to Times Christian Johnny, former senior police officer. “Russia’s influence has increased significantly in recent weeks as tensions in Ukraine escalate“, He told the British newspaper. Therefore warns the Estonian government which fears that some unidentified citizens will be transferred to the job of secret agent and Moscow military infrastructure photography and 360-degree NATO information gathering.

What are the three levels

But how do Russian agents look for the right figures to fill the subtle role of intelligence? The selection takes place in three stages: Initially, the intercepted person is given a small task such as photographing a bridge or any structure. If the object gets rid of it, we go to the second stage: the mental threat, it is a kind Manipulation Makes him do very dangerous things. The third and final stage occurs in the event of an Estonian citizen refusing to cooperate: at that time they are threatened and “charged” for abandoning their first mission. In every population, it is known, however, there are weak and unknown, and it is the only Russian weapon used by some extremists to shoot military equipment or gather information about Allied forces.

Flyers to escape from the Russians

Fortunately, however, Estonian citizens were not enslaved or had the slightest fear of the image of the Russian president. Johnny made peace “However, the Estonian people have a strong readiness and desire to defend themselves. All this is an important force“This is why they are posted across Estonian borders and on social networks. Flyers Explains how to avoid recruitment efforts of Russian and Belarusian special services. “Russian intelligence is intensifying efforts on the Estonian border. To this day, we publicly ask those who cross the border Report Efforts of Russian / Belarusian intelligence to establish recruitment and contacts. Before we get to you, it is a good idea to bring this information to us first“, Reads the identity of the Estonian security service on Twitter, which you can read at the bottom of the piece.”Estonia will help you, but first report the malicious activities abroad“, The tweet reads.

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What will happen to those who cooperate with Moscow

In order to convey this message to the general public, the post was published in English, Estonian, Ukrainian and Russian, with the exception of block letters and some road signs. “It is important for people to know that cooperation with Russian special services Punishable If someone is caught criminal and online, our security officers can help them“Johnny explained. According to him, people are called to report such activity if they are noticed. Estonia’s goal is to prevent threats, raise public awareness of the threat and.”Protect the Estonian people from hostile special services “Johnny finished.

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