World War III, Russian state television: “It has already begun, and the West wants to cancel us.” Then appeal to Putin: “Use nuclear weapons”

To Russian state television reporting directly to the Kremlin, “World War III It has already started. Rossiya 1 presenter Olga Skabeyeva, while talking about the sinking of Moskva “due to fire”, said that the expansion was already easily defined as “World War III”. Russia He said he was “probably fighting against NATO.”

In Kiev, 900 bodies of Ukrainians were hanged, police chief Nepitov said: “Some were wearing white helmets.” Because here

Campaigning on state television

“The Moscow disaster – including some of the experts who intervened during the broadcast – was certainly caused by the war”. Moreover, they suggested to Putin that “use nuclear weapons on Kiev so that Russia can bomb once and for all.” On another occasion, he explained that the West was supplying Ukraine with “billions of weapons” and that Kiev was “raising the bar of provocation at the request of those who carry them, which are still bloody, horrific, and completely unthinkable.” “.

Host Olesya Losova told viewers a few hours after the sinking of Moscow was confirmed that “Russia is a country unfit to be on the world map and all Russians must be wiped off the face of the earth.” What do the Ukrainians think? According to TV, they welcome the Russians as “true liberators” in Kharkiv and say that Kiev is “committing a genocide, not the Russians”.

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