“Wuhan Market First Epicenter of Pandemic”

Two studies have attempted to clarify how the coronavirus was born: however there are some gray areas

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appearance of CovidA somewhat debated issue, especially on the extremist divide: conspiracy theorists actually support the hypothesis of an artificial evolution from a virus, but even skeptics can’t cite conclusive, scientific evidence, for example, in the end Laboratory.

But now there are two EducationOne of these has been published in Science, allowing it to be established Where it is (and when) occurred first Infections. Here’s what we know.

How Covid was born: A scientific study comes to clarify what we know

“Our results provide evidence that market from Wuhan was the first centerpiece suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic and SarsCoV2 may have originated from the wildlife trade in China.

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Wuhan market, the first epicenter of the epidemic.

That’s the clear statement in a study published in the journal Popular Science Science. The researchers examined First courses cases In covidMaleSo first known Mammals Vulnerable to the virus, they finally picked up Samples Type environment (eg in cages).

The conclusion is that although “the events upstream of the market and the exact conditions in the market remain unclear”, the spread of SarsCoV2 in the world has taken the first, decisive, steps. market of the city Chinese.

Origin of the coronavirus: when the first infections. There is a date, which

Much of the plot falls later, though it’s not entirely ruled out: a virus that can (and will) control the entire world Product fromMaleA Laboratory with its own headquarters WuhanSo it belongs to China.

A According to study It reinforces assumptions that have found their place in the pages of science. Specifically, he reconstructed the SarsCoV2 family tree down to the first two lineages of the virus.

The result? The SarsCoV2 virus has made the “leap” (from animal to human) for the first time November 19Or in any case Date Including between October 23 And this8 December 2019 And then again in the following weeks.

SarsCoV2, how it started: There are still some unclear points, and what it is

The gods still exist points Little ClearFor example which animals They transmitted the virus to humans. “All eight cases COVID-19 Those detected before December 20 came from the western part of the market, where mammal species were also sold,” the researchers pointed out, trying to narrow the field.

The Palio di Siena returns after a two-year hiatus for Covid.  Great show, photo finish win

Photo credit: ANSA

The Palio di Siena returns after a two-year hiatus for Covid. Great show, photo finish win

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