Zelensky Fires Ukrainian 007 Leader and Attorney General: Shadow of Traitors Behind Russian Progress

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky The decision to dismiss the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Baganov. On the same day, Zelensky reportedly fired the attorney general Irina VenediktovaIt has so far handled investigations into war crimes committed by the Russian military on Ukrainian territory since the invasion began on February 24. He will be replaced by the Deputy Attorney General. Oleksiy Simonenko. It says political tensions within Ukraine have already been simmering for weeks Politics. For some time, in fact, Zelensky had begun to evaluate Pagano’s dismissal, which many in Kiev accused of allowing the Russians to easily seize important parts of Ukraine. Cherson.

Baganov is a longtime friend of Zelensky, who has been by the Ukrainian president’s side since he took his first steps as an actor. His appointment in 2019 raised some controversy, given the 47-year-old’s lack of experience in the defense sector. Baghanov was removed from his post for “failure to perform service duties, causing or creating a threat of human casualties or other serious consequences,” as stated in Article 47 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Disciplinary Law. The decision was commented on with a video posted by Zelensky earlier in the evening:

“I have decided to remove the Attorney General from his position and the head of the Security Service of Ukraine from his duties. To date, 651 criminal cases have been registered on high treason and collusive actions of prosecutors and employees of other organizations. Such repeated crimes against the foundations of national security of the country and security agencies of Ukraine and The connections between the employees of Russia’s special services raise very serious questions for the leaders involved, each of which will find an adequate answer ».

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